nw129 New Smile #154  004

New Smile

If you spent your childhood in Japan during the 70’s ~ 90’s, the classic food replicas in New Smile’s front window will bring back memories…

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nw128 Chuchuya Pura vida! #153 001

Chuchuya Pura vida!

When it comes to food, Kyushu is a big place, and although Miyazaki and Fukuoka may be next to each other, the taste of each prefecture’s cooking is completely different! Luckily, you can sample Miyazaki’s characteristically sweet, rich flavor without leaving Fukuoka by heading to Pura Vida in Daimyo.

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nw127 Ganso Hakata Mentaiju #152 003

Ganso Hakata Mentaiju

This stylish restaurant serves the type of traditional Fukuoka food that has been loved by locals for generations. The most popular dish on the menu is, of course, Hakata mentaiju (¥780), from which the restaurant takes its name.

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nw126 yabukin #151 004


Ask a local where to go for great soba (buckwheat noodles) in Daimyo, and they’ll most likely point you in the direction of this 60-year-old restaurant. Last July, Yabukin relocated to the ground floor of a grand old building and the traditional courtyard gives you the feeling that you’re stepping back in time.

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nw125 danshiro kitchen #151 001

Danshiro Kitchen

Located on the 10th floor of the recently-opened JR Hakata City building, this restaurant serves up tasty Okinawan fare…

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nw123 shungetsu-an #150 007


This noodle restaurant was established way back in 1890, near to the supposed birthplace of Japanese udon noodles, Jotenji Temple. The techniques they use are even older, dating back to the 13th century.

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nw121 kaisendon hinode #149 006

Kaisendon Hinode

Fukuoka may be known for its delicious seafood, but it’s still rare to find a restaurant serving the freshest fish at bargain prices…

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nw120 telas & mico #148 003

Telas & Mico

This small, blue and cream-painted building along the Nakagawa River seats five at the counter downstairs and 11 at tables upstairs…

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ab keurig neko cafe - 22

Keurig Neko Cafe

Kayuno Nomura, owner of Keurig, was always fond of cats and often fed strays near her home. One day she noticed five cats that she fed regularly had disappeared. She’s never found out what happened to them, but those concerns sparked her life’s mission to protect and find good homes for strays. Inspired by a visit to a “neko cafe” in Tokyo she opened the Keurig in the trendy Daimyo district in March of 2008. The location is very convenient for the young ladies and couples that make up the majority of her clientele. Then in September 2009 a second and even larger cafe was opened in Imaizumi just south of Tenjin.

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Shitagokoro, the sister shop of “Fridge”, a popular Italian restaurant-bar in Haruyoshi, is a highly recommended example of a new breed of izakaya that blends great food with modern atmosphere and delivers excellent price performance…

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