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First opened in Terazuka in 1995, Gouya offers up Chinese noodles in an original veggie-filled Japanese soup, the stock of which is carefully crafted from dried bonito flakes, dried mackerel flakes, dried sardines, konbu (kelp) and shiitake mushrooms. The subtle flavor blends well with the stellar…

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ashiya sand

Ashiya Sand Craft Exhibition 2015

Imagine the great turning points of history, masterpieces by the greatest artists of all time, and festive scenes, all made out of sand. Well you can see such a sight at this sand-tastic exhibition in…

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Koyo Guide – 2015 Autumn Leaves in Fukuoka

Koyo refers to the changing autumn colors of deciduous trees in Japan. Leaves turn spectacular shades of red, yellow and brown – depending on species – before falling to the ground. The koyo season lasts around 50 days, starting in Hokkaido mid-September and making its way down Japan to Kyushu by late October. Fukuoka Now […]

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An Interview with Josie Long

Josie Long caught the stand-up bug at the tender age of 14, and has been performing ever since. This British comedian graduated from Oxford with a degree in English, and went on to support famous comedians and be put forward for several awards of her own; Josie has been nominated three times for the prestigious […]

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Hokkaido Fair at Tenjin Iwataya

The Hokkaido Products and Tourism Fair begins on November 3 at Iwataya (Tenjin). The fair will take place at the exhibition space on the seventh floor, as well as at additional venues set up on….

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Against 2015: Fukuoka Extreme Music Festival

Now in its eighth year, Against features some of the most exciting local and international avant-garde and experimental musicians working today. This year’s headline act is…

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Re: Nexus-Paper Works’ Expressions

Used for everything from binding contracts to paper planes, paper is an important part of our lives. Yet currently it seems we are aiming for a “paperless world”. This exhibition aims to remind us of the importance and value of paper by using it to create…

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Fukuoka Genesis: A New Nakoku Exhibition

2,000 years ago, the kingdom of Nakoku was thriving in the center of an area now known as Fukuoka. It was a highly advanced society, and is considered representative of the Yayoi period (a time when people started to run…

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Fukuoka Marathon Expo

The Fukuoka Marathon is coming up! The Fukuoka Marathon Expo will be held next to the runners’ check-in (the actual marathon will take place on Nov. 8, Sun.). The booths at the event will offer many of Fukuoka’s specialities, especially seafood, such as…

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Wagokoro Tonkatsu Anzu

Tonkatsu, or breaded fried pork chops, are often sliced and served over shredded cabbage with Worcestershire sauce or can be found on a bed of rice (katsudon), inside a sandwich or on a plate of curry. The mission of Washin Tonkatsu Anzu is to make…

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