Taxi Industry Hard-Hit by Economic Downturn

The economic downturn is hurting the taxi business, and depressing business demand in particular. Ridership in Fukuoka Prefecture fell on an average of 36.5% to 38% in FY 2008 from the previous year. Revenue declined by 5.1%, and driver salaries have been reduced to the levels of 10 years ago. Many companies are cutting back […]

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Skymark to Start Fukuoka-Kobe Flights

Skymark Airlines of Tokyo will begin flying two daily round trips between Fukuoka and Kobe starting on February 1, it was announced. There is no air service between the two cities at present, and the airline thinks it can develop latent demand. The flight will take about an hour and initially cost 9,800 yen. In […]

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New Oita Microbrew Uses Patented Brewing Process

The Yamaga Kirara microbrewery in Oita Prefecture has released two new products on the market brewed with a patented process in which the beer is pasteurized in three steps to place the yeast in a state of suspended animation. The yeast comes back to life after the beer is drunk, and is said to provide […]

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Fukuoka Business Leaders Reject Leadership Role in HTB Reconstruction

The heads of the seven leading companies in Fukuoka Prefecture met and agreed unanimously that they will not assume a leadership role in the reconstruction of the company operating the Huis ten Bosch resort in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture. At a press conference after the meeting, however, the leaders said they would not rule out providing […]

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Glass Plate Imports for Solar Cell Panels Skyrocket

A survey by Nagasaki Customs shows a rapid increase in the import of plate glass and reinforced glass for use in producing solar cell panels. A total of 105 square meters of this glass was imported in FY 2008, 15 times the amount of FY 2005. That demonstrates the sharp increase in production of solar […]

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JR Kyushu Wins First National Company League Baseball Crown

JR Kyushu won its first national company league baseball title by defeating the Honda team from Saitama 3-2 in extra innings in Osaka’s Kyocera Dome. It was JR Kyushu’s first victory in the championship game in seven appearances, and the first victory by a Kyushu team since 2001.

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Tokyo Electron Kyushu to Expand Kumamoto R&D Facilities

Tokyo Electron subsidiary Tokyo Electron Kyushu announced it signed an agreement with Kumamoto Prefecture and the city of Goshi to expand its semiconductor manufacturing research and development facilities located there. The company plans to close its office in Tosu, Saga, and concentrate its R&D work in Goshi. It will spend 1.3 billion yen on the […]

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One of Kyushu’s Largest Square Tombs Discovered

The Kitakyushu Board of Education announced it had discovered one of Kyushu’s largest square tombs surrounded by a moat. The tomb, which dates from 150-250 AD in the latter Yayoi Period, is located in the Jono district of that city. The board also announced it had discovered two stone tombs and the outlines of what […]

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Showa Shell to Build Solar Power Plant in Miyazaki

The Showa Shell oil company will enter the solar power generating business by building two plants in Miyazaki Prefecture with the large output capacity of 1,000 kW. The power from one of the two plants will be used at a factory of the company’s Miyazaki City subsidiary, while that from the other plant will be […]

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Local Governments Differ in Response to Amakudari Disclosure

A survey by the Nishinippon Shimbun has revealed that of the seven Kyushu prefectures and two cities with specially designated authority only Fukuoka and Nagasaki prefectures have refused to disclose on the Internet information about people in amakudari positions. Amakudari is the practice of providing cushy post-retirement jobs in government to retired senior civil servants, […]

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