Group Promotes Kyushu Tourism in Beijing

The Fukuoka City-based Kyushu Tourism Promotion Board began a series of events in Beijing to promote Kyushu tourism in that city. It is a continuation of a similar program conducted in Shanghai. A group of about 40 people representing tourist organizations and tourism and lodging facilities from all seven Kyushu prefectures are conducting the events. […]

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Fukuoka Prefecture Vice-Governor Resigns

Fukuoka Prefecture Vice-Governor Nakashima Takayuki has resigned his position over allegations that he was entertained by members of the prefectural town and village association, with the expenses paid from a slush fund. It is alleged that he was treated to dinner, drinks, golf, and mah jongg at an exclusive club in Nakasu. Some members of […]

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to Concentrate Shipbuilding Design in Nagasaki

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries revealed that it would assigning the roughly 700 engineers in its shipbuilding design division to its Nagasaki shipyards. The company also plans to shift its other design engineers at company headquarters in Tokyo and their Shimonoseki and Kobe shipyards to Nagasaki over a period of several years. The objective is to unify […]

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Sales of ANA Hayakaken Begin

All Nippon Airways began sales in Fukuoka City of its ANA Hayakaken point card, in which the mileage credits earned by flyers can be converted for use as a discount on fares on the municipal subway. Starting next spring, Hayakaken can also be used for Japan East’s Suica card. The latter card can also be […]

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Deflation Causing Problems for Gas Stations

Concerns of a double-dip recession are being felt in different sectors of the Kyushu economy, one of which is the gas station industry. Price-cutting competition between stations is intensifying as sales of petroleum products are slumping during the economic downturn. As of the end of October, gasoline sales in Kyushu were down more than 3% […]

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KAL Cabin Crews Rank Fukuoka Fourth as Destination Site

A questionnaire survey of the cabin crews for KAL, South Korea’s largest airline, ranked Fukuoka City fourth on the list of sites they like to visit. The airline flies to 104 destinations in 35 countries. They cited the hot springs, closeness to South Korea, and good prices as the reasons they like to visit. Sapporo […]

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Starflyer to Lease Another Plane for Haneda Expansion

The Kitakyushu-based airline Starflyer will lease another new aircraft to fulfill the potential demand created when operations are expanded at Haneda Airport next October. The launch of Japan’s new government and the problems over the restructuring of Japan Air Lines has resulted in a delay in the decision over the allocation of new flights, but […]

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Kagoshima Prefecture to Eliminate Paid Break Time

Kagoshima Prefecture, the last of the nation’s prefectures to offer its employees paid break time during working hours, announced it will abolish the practice as of the end of the current fiscal year. The break times are 15-minute periods starting at noon and 5:00 p.m. The original purpose of the breaks was to give employees […]

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Universities Conduct Experiments at Sakurajima

Kyushu University and eight other schools, in conjunction with the Meteorological Agency, conducted a second round of experiments at the Sakurajima volcano near Kagoshima City. They studied the structure of the volcano by creating an artificial earthquake using dynamite. The researchers dug 15 10-meter deep holes and exploded the dynamite in sequence over a period […]

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New Policy Formulated for Hakata Station Area

A council for the promotion of development in the Hakata area working to promote the invigoration of the district in conjunction with the opening of the new Hakata Station building in March 2011 has adopted new guidelines after a meeting held on the 15th. The council was formed in April with 131 corporate, group, and […]

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