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Fukuoka Surfing Guide

As an island nation, Japan certainly has its fair share of splendid coastline. Residents of Fukuoka are blessed with beautiful beaches on their doorsteps, and Kyushu’s relatively mild climate makes it possible to enjoy the water all year round. And, while the beach-side facilities may not be everything you’d expect back home, Fukuoka and Kyushu have much to offer surfers of all levels…

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Fukuoka City Bulletin March 2015

Selected news topics by Fukuoka Now from Fukuoka’s Shisei Dayori.

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February 2015 Fukuoka Now

As always, this month’s issue is free, and because we know our readers appreciate free stuff, we’ve compiled a list of 30 Free Things To Do in Fukuoka. If you know of more free things please let us know and we’ll add it to our website. On our snapshot page, we have a report on ‘Citizen’s Appreciation Day at Nagahama Fish Market, where you can observe tuna auctions and participate in fish-filleting classes. February is action-packed with many events including Fukuoka Now’s very own Valentine’s Party which this year features entertainment by Drag Queens and Go Go Boys.

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Interview – Mayor Soichiro Takashima: Four More Years

On November 16, 2014, Fukuoka’s young and charismatic Mayor was re-elected for a second term. The Mayor, who places priority on clear and open communication sat down with Fukuoka Now’s publisher Nick Szasz to talk about his plans for the next four years.

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Nagahama Fish Market Citizen’s Day – Report

Every half-decent guidebook of Japan introduces going to the fish market as a must-do. Why? To find out, Fukuoka Now checked out a recent public day at the city’s central wholesale market.

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FREE! 30 things to do in Fukuoka!

Exploring an exciting town like Fukuoka, packed with historical landmarks, great shopping and plenty of places to dine, you can easily slaughter your wallet in a single day. But the best things in life are free! So we’ve listed up 30 things to enjoy for FREE. Here’s the the first seven – go online for details and more!

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Fukuoka Depachika Guide

Literal translation: “department store underground”, depachika are a foodie’s heaven! Located on the first or second basement floors of department stores they host the biggest selection of the city’s finest foods, ingredients, and prepared take-out foods. Depachika are very different from European marché, but share some similarities, namely the wonderful sounds, sights, and aromas. Be prepared for sensory overload! Many shops offer free samples, which makes for a great way to explore a new world of flavors, and wet your appetite for more. While Fukuoka lacks a large central market, it more than makes up for that with top class and exciting depachika. Check them out!

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Itoshima Adventure – Winter Edition

With long sandy beaches and lush mountains the Itoshima peninsula is best known as a summer day-trip destination. However, as this group of four friends found out, it’s an amazing place to visit in winter too. As public transportation is limited, the group used a 12-hour rental car from Budget. Here’s a report of their adventure!

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René Redzepi, NOMA in Fukuoka – Interview

Noma, the award winning, genre-fusing, self-reinventing restaurant in Copenhagen made a surprise announcement early this year. On Dec. 20, 2014, the restaurant will temporarily close their Copenhagen doors, pack up their pots and pans and, on Jan. 9, 2015, re-open in Tokyo. And we’re not just talking about a handful of chefs, but the entire team of 75 from dishwasher to the owner and head chef René Redzepi. Noma will be setting up inside the Signature restaurant inside the Mandarin Hotel Tokyo. Lunch and dinner will both be served. Lunch and dinner is from ¥40,200 per person whilst the Mandarin is offering a Noma package for ¥154,000, including dinner at Noma and accommodation at the Mandarin plus service and tax. Reservations opened in June and were so popular that the Noma website crashed under heavy demand within two weeks. Since then, 58,000 reservations have been made.

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AIDS Day 2014 in Fukuoka

There were 1,106 cases of HIV infection and 484 cases of AIDS reported in Japan for the year 2013, for a combined total of 1,590 cases. For the past ten years, the number of cases of HIV and AIDS has been over 1,000 per year. In Fukuoka City there were 32 cases of HIV infection including 7 cases of AIDS with a combined total of 39. And that’s not all – these figures count only those who were tested. That means there are more people going about their daily lives without knowing that they have been infected. The objective of World AIDS Day is to prevent the spread of AIDS worldwide and to eliminate discrimination and prejudice against HIV-infected people or AIDS patients.

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