(English) 7th Futsukaichi Onsen Art Exhibit

(English) The 7th Onsen Art Exhibit will be held in Futsukaichi Hot Springs district of Chikushino from Apr. 19 to 29. The event features an event planned by a former participant in which guests can don kimonos and tour the exhibit venues. The exhibit began as the Onsen Flower Show in 2008 when a local florist started placing floral decorations in cafes and hotels in the hot springs district. Its name was changed to Onsen Art Exhibit in 2010 when a local artists’ group took over organization duties. This year’s event will feature stained glass, wood carvings, flower arrangement, paper craft and many more exhibits at eight venues. There’s also a puppet show, talk panels, tea lecture, pottery and ceramics painting workshops, plus live performances of piano, saxophone and vocals. Admission is free of charge. Direct inquiries for the art exhibits to Inoue-san at 092-924-1885.

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(English) Try on Kanbei’s War Helmet

(English) Fukuoka City Museum produced a replica of Kuroda Kanbei’s war helmet which visitors can try on for free from Feb. 2 until December. The bowl-shaped helmet is made from iron and paper and painted with Japanese lacquer (urushi) in red. The replica is 18.5 centimeters high and weighs 2.3 kg, which is 1.3 kg lighter than Kanbei’s real helmet. A replica suit of armor is also on display for visitors to take photos with, and in April another replica war helmet will be added. This addition will be a replica of the helmet of Kanbei’s son, Nagamasa Kuroda, and will also be available to try on. You can experience it yourself on the first floor “Mitaiken Lab” of Fukuoka City Museum.

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(English) Around 400 tuned-up, modified and customized cars and bikes are on display for two days. Aspiring customizers should check out the custom shop display booths and parts shops too. The show draws a crowd of over 40,000 car-lovers every year. Pretty campaign girls too!

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次世代ワールドホビーフェア ’14 Winter


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speed gig

(English) SPEED GIG

(English) Are you a Top Gear geek, or into anything shiny, speedy and trendy? If so, Tetsuya Nakamura’s new SPEED GIG exhibition might be the perfect weekend activity for you. Artist Nakamura is known for his works such as “CANDY” and “ENGINE”, and recently designed sportswear for various Winter Olympic sport teams, including the sled for the Japanese Olympic Luge team. The theme for the models on display at this IMS exhibition is ‘speed’, and every stage of every piece is done by Nakamura himself. If you are going through a midlife-crisis, best to stay away – no doubt it will inspire you to buy the latest, fastest car on the market.

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(English) In Search of Critical Imagination

(English) The title of this exhibition, In Search of Critical Imagination, suggests a doubtful view of the status quo and a need to discover alternatives. The works of six up-and-coming artists are presented in this exhibition. Training their eyes on what they see in front of them, the artists take a slightly different view of existing things, and by modifying them, present us with a host of other possibilities. Using familiar materials like vinyl and adhesive, Onishi Yasuaki creates airy yet spectacular sculptures. Loosening the threads in textiles, Tezuka Aiko draws out the usually invisible structure and history concealed within them. Through the messages that are conveyed by an infinite number of small hanging spheres, Kawabe Naho disrupts the relationship between memory and experience. By allowing living creatures to intervene in his work, Kano Tetsuro suspends the meaning of the environments and materials that people make for each other. Yamamoto Takayuki conducts workshops that lead in a different direction from conventional children’s education. Based on her encounters with people who live with the sea, Yamauchi Terue creates spaces that awaken new sensibilities. After experiencing the new installations created by the six, each of whom is associated with a different genre, materials, and methodology, you are sure to begin applying your own critical imagination to the world around you.

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(English) Karuta Festival at ACROS Fukuoka

(English) The annual Karuta festival is held from 1/10 (Fri.)~1/13 (Mon.) at ACROS Fukuoka. Karuta is a traditional Japanese card game often played in elementary schools as an educational activity. The cards are divided into yomifuda (reading cards) and torifuda (grabbing cards) and the aim of the game is to grab the card that is being read out before your opponent does. The opening day event includes a traditional Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) performance, and a game of karuta by experienced karuta rank holders. The festival also includes an exhibition of a variety of cards and a space for you to try out a traditional karuta game. If you have never heard of the game or tried it before, you’re never too old to try out this surprisingly speedy and feisty game of cards.

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6.Motor show



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