(English) Railway Land Fukuoka

(English) Children of all ages enjoy trains (and adults too!) so this is an ideal event for the whole family over the summer holidays: “Railway Land” at Nishitetsu Home! Learn all about different types of trains, test out your train driving skills by controlling model trains around to-scale diorama, and let the kids play with toy trains while wearing a train conductor’s uniform! There’s also a mini-shinkansen line “Doctor Yellow” – additional fee to take a ride.

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Cardboard train 010

(English) Life-Size Cardboard “D51″ Locomotive

(English) Check out this full sized “D51” steam locomotive made from cardboard at IMS from July 13th to August 11th. Nagasaki resident and artist Shima Hideo used a total of 4,000 pieces of cardboard to create the whole piece, which is 2.9 meters wide, 12.5 meters long, 4 meters tall, and made up of over 1,500 separate parts. The exhibition is touring the country, having launched in Higashisonogi Town, Nagasaki and with Tokyo as a final destination. Seeing the artwork up-close, you’ll be amazed by the detail created from cardboard. Take the elevator up to a higher floor to get a bird’s eye view of the piece, which looks like a toy from afar. There’s also a station “waiting room” replica to complete the atmosphere.

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(English) Beck Wheeler Exhibition “Itoshima Characters”

(English) Beck Wheeler is a New-Zealand native illustrator, children’s book author and pop surrealist artist who creates art from paint, wood, found objects and digital media. She is currently in Fukuoka for a four week residency at Studio Kura, Itoshima. Their Artist in Residence program is a chance for foreign artists to enjoy and draw inspiration from Japan’s rural environment, as well as for Studio Kura’s thriving local community to meet different artists and their work. As an illustrator Beck has helped develop campaigns for national and international brands. As an artist she exhibits regularly internationally, showing her artwork in the USA, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. This month, Beck holds an exhibition at Studio Kura, showcasing her work created in Fukuoka during the residency. The exhibition, entitled Itoshima Characters, portrays Itoshima locals Beck has encountered in her daily life at Studio Kura. The four main characters – a mochi cafe chef, an old lady with a roadside garden, a bonsai tree gardener and a local hunter/fisherman – have become large scale paintings and die cut toys. An opportunity to meet a visiting international artist in the Itoshima countryside and, through her work, meet the locals of Itoshima too!

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(English) Arii Momoyo Pottery 1st Exhibition

(English) Lovers of handmade design with an antique twist will be delighted by this small exhibition of handcrafted pottery by local designer Momoyo Arii. Born in Ishikawa Prefecture, Momoyo graduated from the Osaka University of the Arts and worked in commercial design for years before becoming a freelance designer in Fukuoka. Her background in visual arts combines with an admiration of antiques in her latest venture in pottery. She holds her first pottery solo exhibition at “mojoca” salon (Minami-ku, Fukuoka) from 6/19~25 with a small but sweet selection of handmade pottery items on the theme of “hands”. The pieces incorporate elements of antique and religious motifs – and each is one of a kind. Stop by for a look and a chat with this local artist.

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(English) 5th Peace Memorial Exhibition “Fukuoka Air Raid”

(English) Almost 69 years have passed since the Fukuoka Air Raid of 1945. During the Air Raid, 211 B-29 Bombers dropped over 1500 tonnes of incendiary bombs on Hakata and Tenjin, covering an area from Gofukumachi and Hakata Station to Ohori Park and the shores of Hakata Bay. The flames destroyed one third of the city and killed an estimated 902 people (244 reported missing). An exhibition is currently being held at the Fukuoka City Museum of Literature (Red Brick Culture Centre) in remembrance of this event. English explanations will be provided by local junior high “English club” students on Saturday, June 14 from 10:00~12:00. Fukuoka City Museum of Literature is an old red brick building located on Showa dori, near the Naka River.

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(English) A Two Pipe Problem Letterpress Exhibition

(English) London-based letterpress studio “A TWO PIPE PROBLEM LETTERPRESS” comes to Fukuoka for their first Kyushu exhibition. On display is a range of art prints made exclusively with vintage “wood type” letter blocks, printed on a 1800~1900s letterpress machine. Shop for original bags, t-shirts and greeting cards too.

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(English) 48th Fukuoka Ikebana Exhibition

(English) Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. This annual ikebana exhibition features 240 works from 24 different ikebana circles of Fukuoka. All works will be replaced halfway, to keep them fresh for the duration of Part 2 of the exhibition. There are also ikebana workshop sessions for at men (5/29, ¥1,000) and children (5/31, ¥500) *Advance application required. As there are many women’s ikebana classes in Japan, these special targeted workshops aim to provide new opportunities for men and children to learn the art form.

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(English) Mikiya Takimoto Exhibition “Land Space”

(English) Exhibited for the first time in Kyushu – Mikiya Takimoto’s exhibition “Land Space” is a series of photographs exploring the tension that exists on the threshold between land and space. Takimoto gained access to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where he was able to photograph space shuttles. These images, displayed alongside photos of nature, create a point for the viewer to ponder. Consider the relationship between the grand purpose of technology and the extremely beautiful purposelessness of uninhabited expanses.

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(English) Taiwan – Japan Art Exchange

(English) The Fukuoka Asian Art Museum showcases the works of Taiwanese photographer Chang Wen-tsan and calligrapher Chen Shih-hsien. There are solo pieces from each artist, as well as collaborative pieces in which Chen used a pen-light to write calligraphy in the dark, which Chang captured in his photos – a fusion of traditional art and modern technology. Daily calligraphy demonstrations too.

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