Hankyu Food Festival

(English) National Umaimono Iimono Fair

(English) 57 food stalls, and 16 traditional craft stalls will be setup up on the 8th floor of Hankyu for nine days beginning tomorrow (Dec. 17, Thu.) Its a showcase event featuring many vaunted products from areas including Hiroshima, Ishikawa, Kyoto, Osaka and Kanagawa.

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成田亨 美術/特撮/怪獣


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Design Makes Fukuoka Happy


(English) The annual Special Exhibition of The Kyushu University Museum features research and education of Kyushu University’s Faculty of Design this year. Fostering understanding and relationships between “design” and people’s everyday lives are the goals of these exhibits which include unusual musical instruments, 3D video contents and more. An opening ceremony will take place on Dec. 20 at the main exhibition venue inside Fukuoka City Hall. Follow the link below to see a preview of the cool stuff you can see and hear.

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Type from London

“Type From London” Letterpress Art Exhibition

(English) Six different Letterpress studios will collaborate on an exhibition in Tokyo, Osaka and in Fukuoka. While each of them has a distinctive style and employ unique techniques, they have worked together under a common theme – “what does London mean to you?” Stephen Kenny from A Two Pipe Problem Letterpress will make an appearance at the opening, and will be running a workshop here in Fukuoka. This is a rare chance to discover the beauty of letterpress and its captivating artistry.

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Rainy Day Dream


(English) One very rainy day last May, a group three professional photographers and one videographer (English, Japanese and Malay) went with the idol group Stilo Kramelo to the 100-plus year-old Takatori Estate House in Karatsu. The photographers and video cameraman spent the day shooting the models, who were professionally dressed in kimono and other costumes. Their work will be shown on the last Sunday of the November at Manu Coffee in Daimyo. Stilo Kramelo will be there too.

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(English) JOURNEY OF THE SOUL – Exhibition by Hervé Constant

(English) Hervé Constant is a French artist based in London. This November, however, an exhibition of his work will be held at the EnjoySpaceDaimyo gallery in Fukuoka. The exhibition is entitled ‘Journey of the Soul’ and will feature a wide selection of his paintings, photographs, films and prints.

Constant was born in Casablanca, Morocco and has since lived and studied in Paris, Toulon and London. These diverse cultural experiences have heavily influenced his work. He writes, ‘my work is inspired by my study of the human condition. We have much to learn from cultures and art which are not our own. They may be very different visually and aesthetically, but their universal themes show us all to be members of a single human family.’

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福岡建築50選 展

(English) A collection of illustrations of fifty acclaimed architectural buildings/structures in Fukuoka are now on display inside a bank in Akasaka. The sites were selected by the FAF (Fukuoka Architecture Foundation) and the illustrations made by graphic designer Tajima Masazumi, and each will be presented alongside a short description. The exposition will run for one month, and takes place inside the Fukuoka Bank, Akasakamon Branch. Sites include: ACROS Fukuoka, Canal City and Fukuoka Tower to name a few. Their website (Japanese only) includes a Google Map with the locations of all fifty locations.

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(English) Itoshima is home to many festivals and here’s a brand new one to celebrate Autumn with Art & Music. There will be food and drink booths, and beers from all around the world on sale too. Many workshops are planned. Special guests include street artist Dragon76, Tominaga Bond, annolab, KAMA and more. Live performances with artists such as rapper/beatboxer Funkymic and Flex Life and DJs also there to keep the event lively.

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Camping Car


(English) Enjoy a display of the wonders of outdoor lifestyle. Many outdoor goods, apparel as well as the latests RVs (about 120!) will be on display.

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AAT2014_flyer copy

(English) ART AFTER TEN vol. 4 2014

(English) This year “ART AFTER TEN vol. 4 2014” a hybrid art festival with art, music, food, performances and design returns to Tiempo Hall, the site of its inaugural event in 2011. Many artists and creators form and around Fukuoka gather to display, perform and interact under this year’s theme of “a dream within a dream.” Enjoy an eclectic mix of arts.

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