2.Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design

ニコライ・バーグマン 『伝統開花』


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3.Asia Pacific Festival Fukuoka 2014



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(English) Robert Capa – A Photographer’s Life in Love & War

(English) Renowned Hungarian photojournalist Robert Capa was active in the first half of 20th Century, primarily known for his battlefield photography across five wars. In this exhibition, which marks the 101st anniversary of his birth, 148 works of his works including his masterpiece “The Falling Soldier” are on display for public viewing, along with a selection of documents that tell the story behind the photographer. The exhibition runs Aug. 2~Sep. 15 at the Kyushu Geibun-kan.

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(English) Picture Book Museum 2014

(English) Attracting around 4,000 visitors each year, the Ehon (Picture Book) Museum has been a popular summer for all ages since its launch in 2007. Children love exploring the collection of 1,000 picture books and various activity booths. This year’s theme is “Wonderful Adventure,” and refers to real and imagined journeys made in the past and present. Special contents provided by famous picture book author Taro Miura too! Open everyday between 7/25 ~ 8/17, it’s the perfect opportunity to get immersed in the world of picture books with a little one – or alone (you’re never too old!).

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Treasure of the Walt Disney Archives

(English) Treasure of the Walt Disney Archives

(English) Opening Aug. 6 at Fukuoka Mitsukoshi, this exhibition celebrates the magic of the Walt Disney Company – now almost 90 years old! Learn about the history of Disney from 1923 to 2013 through the display of art, publicity art, costumes, props, and figures from famous movies including “Toy Story,” “Mary Poppins,” “Beauty and the Beast” and more! Limited edition toys and reprinted picture books are on sale too.

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Doraemon Aug 2014 006

(English) Doraemon at Hakata Station

(English) A Doraemon installation is open to the public at JR Hakataekimae Hiroba until Aug. 11 in commemoration of the new movie “Stand By Me Doraemon” which opens today (8/8). Outside the station you’ll find a collection of giant 3D Doraemon figures, each with a different “secret gadget” (including his “N-S Patch,” “Clean-up Spray,” “Kamisama (God) Robot,” and many more), along with various promotional materials for the new film. Pose with your favorite Doraemon and snap a photo!

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(English) The Snowman Fantasy World at IMS

(English) British author Raymond Briggs’ children’s book “The Snowman” has been loved by old and young across the world for over thirty years! Relive the magic of this story at IMS Artium this month as they show “The Snowman Fantasy World” exhibition. On display are the original story book, an animated version of the story, animation storyboards and original sketches too! Plus, it’s a great way to forget about the summer heat.

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(English) Founded in 2010 in Fukuoka by local Indonesians Aris Priyo Susanto, Nana Suryana, and Alfend Elias the “KPIF (Komunitas Photographer Indonesia di Fukuoka)” community has expanded over the past four years. Now, they have 418 members, including Indonesian foreign students, office workers, professional photographers and others from Indonesia living in Japan (from Nagasaki to Hokkaido!) The group has been active, holding photoshoots and workshops. This collaborative photo exhibition from KPIF, entitled “13466+1” will be shown in Fukuoka (August 2014), Tokyo (2015), and Osaka (2015). The selected prints show Japan through many perspectives, including changes of season, experiences at Japanese festivals and everyday life. What does “13466+1” mean? You’ll find out at the exhibition!

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(English) “Big Trick Art Exhibition” in Tenjin

(English) Warp reality a little at the “Big Trick Art Exhibition” on Iwataya Tenjin’s 7F this month (8/13~). The exhibits use perspective and shadow techniques to trick viewers’ minds into seeing something amazing! Also includes 3D drawings of World Heritage icons, such as the Sphinx from Egypt. Viewers are encouraged take photos of the exhibition and share on Instagram or Facebook.

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