Kyushu Food Expo


(English) Kyushu food producers- agricultural and processed- gather in Kitakyushu. More than 200 stalls exhibit and sell their products. The 21st is open to the public: you can try, buy and even sample in some booths. Enjoy demonstrations by chefs, food seminars, and sample onigiri.

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(English) German Sumie Artist / Workshops And Exhibitions

(English) Several cafes around Fukuoka City will exhibit art by German sumie Master Carsten Dietz, who will be in Fukuoka from March to April. Works of Julia Takagi and Eiji Santan will also be shown at some of the exhibitions. There will be four, 3-hour workshops held for people to have a go at making their own ink wash painting, with the help of…

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(English) World Hobby Fair

(English) One of Japan’s biggest video game and hobby fairs comes to Fukuoka! Companies including Korokoro Comic, Ciao and Shonen Sunday show off their latest creations, with big name game companies like Nintendo bringing popular series like Pokemon and Super Mario’s latest games. For more details on exclusive pre-sales and deals, check out their website!

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(English) 20th Handcraft Fair Kyushu

(English) The biggest hand craft fair in Kyushu returns again this year with various crafts, fashion shows, and woodcraft seminars. A great chance to discover your new hobby!

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(English) Around 400 tuned-up, modified and customized cars and bikes are on display for two days. Aspiring customizers should check out the custom shop display booths and parts shops too. The show draws a crowd of over 40,000 car-lovers every year. Pretty campaign girls too!

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hokanosekai 2

(English) ‘Hoka No Sekai’ Art Exhibition

(English) ‘Hoka no sekai’ is an exhibition being held by Australian artist Hannah Atcheson, who is currently working as an Artist in Residence at Studio Kura. As an avid reader of Science Fiction comics and literature, Hannah combines her background influences with her surroundings here in Fukuoka to create a series of mixed media artworks.

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(English) Winter Museum of Love

(English) This collaborative event takes place in three different museums in the city, including The Fukuoka Art Museum, The Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, and the Fukuoka City Museum.
※Tickets: ¥200 for adults, ¥150 for High School and University Students, and free for children.

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(English) Canal City Ikebana Fair

(English) Celebrate the new year at a special ikebana (Japanese traditional flower arrangement) event at Canal City. Here’s a convenient chance to kick off the year by experiencing one of Japan’s most highly acclaimed arts.

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daimaru fair

(English) Daimaru Kyoto Fair

(English) Mochi, jellies, soba noodles, sushi and more delicious specialty food items from some of Kyoto’s best known shops will be available on the eighth floor of Daimaru from Jan. 6 (Tue.) ~ 12 (Mon.) 64 shops are participating in the Dai-Kyoto Fair, serving up and displaying not only specialty dishes but unique Kyoto-style crafts and items. On the 10th (Sat.) and 11th (Sun.) don’t miss Kyoto-style dance performances by two maiko (apprentice geisha). You might even be able to take a souvenir photo with them!

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(English) Hokusai Art Exhibition

(English) Fukuoka Asian Art Museum will exhibit art by the much celebrated Katsushika Hokusai between Jan. 2 ~ Feb. 15. Best known for his ukiyo-e painting series ‘Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji’, Hokusai’s portrayal of a bright red Mount Fuji and big blue tidal waves has become an iconic image of Japan and fixture on many postcards and prints.

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