クリスマスマーケット in 光の街・博多

(English) For the second consecutive year a Christmas Market will be set up in front of near Hakata Station with European-style Christmas decorations, live musical performances, hot wine & festive foods! It’s a Christmas wonderland! The market will also be beautifully illuminated with 700 000 lightbulbs, and a 14m light tower. Check the website and facebook page for details.

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creative community 2014 003

Creative Community 2014 開催レポート

(English) A Welshman, an Englishman and a Canadian go to a bar. They’re joined by an American, four guys from New Zealand called Sam, two Thai women, three Frenchmen and some well-dressed Russian chefs. No punchline, just a sample of Creative Community’s 482 eclectic and diverse attendees who came to celebrate some of Fukuoka’s finest international talent on Nov. 8 at JR Hakata City’s Kyushu Hall, above Hakata Station in Fukuoka.

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fukukoi edit



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Canada Ryugaku 001

カナダ大使館主催カナダ留学フェア2014秋 後援:外務省、文部科学省、東京都、大阪府、福岡県


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Pika-gacha-cat Aug 2014 013

(English) Japanese Pop Culture at Hakata City

(English) It looks like another rainy summer’s weekend for Fukuoka, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay at home. Japanese pop culture fans could do worse than to check out some of the events at JR Hakata City this weekend. First stop is Hakataekimae Hiroba where you’ll find a huge 9m tall inflated Pikachu bouncy castle. Kids can bounce inside of Pikachu (¥300/5min) or play fun Pokemon-themed games outside like “Fishing Stunfisk” (¥300/game) with cool prizes. Adults can take photos with the huge Pikachu too, on display until Aug. 17 (Sun.). Next stop is the “Nyan Station” cat-themed pop-up shop on Hakata Hankyu’s 8F. You’ll find a selection of cat iPhone cases, bags, accessories, and more, plus booths to make cat toys and pottery from Aug. 17 (Sun.)~19 (Tue.). Miyawaka City’s cute cat-themed mascot “Sakura-chan” makes a special appearance at the “Nyan Station” on Aug. 16 (Sat) and 17 (Sun) too! Finally there’s “Gacha Gacha World”, a collection of 300 capsule-toy vending machines on Hakata Hankyu 7F until Aug. 26 (Tue). Don’t dismiss this as an event for kids only – these toy vending machines have recently been marketed to appeal to adults too. The 300 vending machines are divided by section by gender and age, and range in price from ¥100~¥300. You’ll find funny toys like the “iPhone futon case”, character toys like Mickey Mouse, Rilakkuma, Anpanman and even some nostalgic characters such as “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”! There are also trivia stations where visitors can learn about gacha gacha (capsule toys)! Get your dose of J-pop culture and have a great weekend!

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(English) Sunset Live Pre-event at JR Hakata City

(English) Summer’s grand finale in Kyushu is Sunset Live beachside festival on Sep. 5, 6, 7 at Keya Beach, Itoshima. But you don’t have to wait until September to get a taste of Sunset Live’s entertainment – artists from the big festival get warmed up with a FREE Sunset Live Pre-Event at JR Hakata City this weekend. Artists include the popular “Kiiyama Shoten”, playing at the great rooftop garden of JR Hakata City.

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Bubble Garden Aug 2014 001

(English) Bubble Garden at JR Hakata City

(English) *Pop!* over to JR Hakata City this weekend to check out the temporary “Bubble Garden” at the rooftop garden. It’s a great summer activity for kids who get a kick out of playing with heaps of bubbles. The little ones can make big bubbles, chase bubbles from the bubble machine, ride tricycles – they may even forget the summer heat! The Bubble Garden is open from 10:00~, 13:00~, and 15:00~ (10 minutes duration) until 8/10 (Sun). Please note: the event is cancelled in case of bad weather.

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Doraemon Aug 2014 006

(English) Doraemon at Hakata Station

(English) A Doraemon installation is open to the public at JR Hakataekimae Hiroba until Aug. 11 in commemoration of the new movie “Stand By Me Doraemon” which opens today (8/8). Outside the station you’ll find a collection of giant 3D Doraemon figures, each with a different “secret gadget” (including his “N-S Patch,” “Clean-up Spray,” “Kamisama (God) Robot,” and many more), along with various promotional materials for the new film. Pose with your favorite Doraemon and snap a photo!

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fn185 kau kau 162

(English) Fukuoka Kau Kau: MING

(English) Fukuoka is a compact city bursting with trendy boutiques, big department stores and everything in between; it’s a shopper’s paradise. We gave a foreigner a budget and a number of items to buy. What will she select? What would you select? Fukuoka Shopping Challenge START! 福岡は流行のショップや百貨店がコンパクトな街中にひしめく、ショッピング好きにとっての楽園。NOWの新企画Fukuoka Kau Kauでは、そんな楽園を訪れた外国人が予算内で何を買うか、をレポートします!

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fn185 gourmet bacana 429

銀座バッカーナ ジョイア博多

いよいよ6月に開幕するFIFAワールドカップ。ただでさえ熱気溢れるブラジルが、ますます血気盛んになることを考えると、我々も彼らに見習ってたっぷりパワーをチャージしておきたい。そこで訪れたのは、今年3月にオープンしたばかりの南米の肉料理、シュラスコ専門店。店内に一歩足を踏み入れると、漂う肉の芳香で食指が途端に動きだす。席に着きデフォルトの食べ放題をオーダーして間もなく、ブラジル人スタッフが焼きあがったばかりの串刺し肉をテーブルに運んで来てくれ、目の前で食べたい量を豪快に切り分けてサーブしてくれる。バラ、フィレ、イチボなど、肉汁したたるジューシーなビーフ、さらにポークやチキンなど、計10種類の肉の塊が続々やってきて胃袋にアプローチ!陽気なスタッフとの会話もあいまって、つい限界越えまで食べ進んでしまいそう。これに加えて、ブラジル料理の代表格「フェイジョアーダ(黒豆の煮込み)」をはじめ50種のブッフェ料理やデザートまでもが食べ放題。999円~の飲み放題メニューをはじめ、コストパフォーマンスの高さと迫力に怖じ気づくことなく、お腹を空かせて真剣勝負でテンション高く立ち向かおう。一試合(食事?)終えて店を出る頃にはすっかりブラジルのノリでエネルギッシュになっていること間違いなし!読者特典: Fukuoka Nowを見たと言えば、グラススパークリングまたはソフトドリンク1杯サービス(ディナータイムのみ) ~5月末まで

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