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Fukuoka City Bulletin September 2014

Selected news topics by Fukuoka Now from Fukuoka’s Shisei Dayori.

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Fukuoka Teams Up with Yokohama on This Year’s Asian Art Triennale

Over the past several years, art exhibitions called triennales have been popping up around Japan. Triennale is an Italian word that means ‘once every three years’ (English equivalent: triennial) and, as you can expect, it refers to an international art exhibition held once every three years. For the record, exhibitions that occur every other year are called biennales (i.e., biennials), and some of the more famous of these events have been around for more than 100 years.

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Congrats Hakata

With its first floor wrapped in a see-through vinyl curtain, Congrats Hakata feels like a yatai. When we went, we saw all kinds seated around the triangular island counter: chatting couples, co-workers enjoying a bottle a wine, and foreign tourists feasting on Congrats’ trademark meat dishes. The most popular menu item is the 300g sirloin steak. It is slow-cooked over charcoal and served with chimichurri, a tangy South American sauce made from chopped parsley and minced garlic. Congrats’ generous portions make sharing with friends easy. There is also a lengthy wine list, so why not have a bottle of natural French or Italian wine (¥3,000~) with your meal? The wonderfully aromatic Moroccan lamb brochette is a simple yet elegant kebab that will keep you coming back for more. Congrats uses different spices and seasonings for each type of meat in order to bring out the respective flavors. We also recommend the Greek-style fried octopus, and don’t forget to order the focaccia bread—it’s baked fresh in the Congrats kitchen.

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ミン・ティエン・ソン 《異世界(馬)》Min Thein Sung Another Realm(Horse)2011.jpg

The 5th Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale 2014

9/6 (Sat.) ~ 11/30 (Sun.) @ Fukuoka Asian Art Museum “Panorama of the Next World: Breaking out into the Future” http://fukuokatriennale.ajibi.jp/index_en.php First held in 1999, this year marks the fifth edition of the Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale (FT5 for short). The international exhibition is held under a different theme every three years to showcase the [...]

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September 2014 Fukuoka Now

Fukuoka is abuzz with plenty of cultural events this month: there’s the Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale (FT5) which brings over 40 artists from 21 countries and regions to Fukuoka, Nakasu Jazz festival with top-class live jazz artists, and Focus on Asia International Film Festival, part of Fukuoka Asian Party – which brings together various Asian cultural, academic and art events and attractions in Fukuoka every September. Suffice to say, culture nerds will not go hungry this September in Fukuoka. Speaking of hunger, we tamed ours with slow cooked sirloin steak at Congrats Hakata this month, where you’ll find great taste and big portions. Meanwhile, we talked to Fukuoka’s piano man, Darrell Smith, who launches a new CD this month. Finally, we open submissions for visual artists and performers to take part in our next big international event Creative Community happening Nov. 8 at JR Kyushu Hall. If you’re an artist in Kyushu, don’t miss this chance to gain recognition and exposure. This month’s cover models are three of the FT5 artists, Prilla Tania, Mehreen Murtaza and Agi Chen. Read our interviews with the three international artists online.

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With The Style 10th Anniversary Event “The Playground”

Stylish Hakata hotel and event venue “With The Style” celebrates its 10th anniversary on 8/28 (Thu.) with an open-house style event dubbed “The Playground”. The entire building comes alive for the event, with something interesting happening in each area of the hotel including a photo booth, shoeshine service from “Brift H”, roaming magician Mr. Morry, and live painting by Hungarian oil-painter Sandor Zelenak. The hotel’s luxury dining space “The Penthouse” is usually exclusive to hotel guests, but opens for “The Playground” to serve 10 different kinds of sweets. Entry is ¥1,000 but does not include dinner, which is available in three zones (18:00~24:00 at the Steak House, The Dining, and Takeshita areas) for an additional fee. There’s also a lunch buffet (11:30~14:00, ¥1,000) for those who wish to drop by before the night’s event gets underway. The dresscode is orange.

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11. ロマンス狂想曲

Focus on Asia International Film Festival Fukuoka 2014

A flashy red-carpet opening ceremony kicks off the 24th edition of this yearly film festival in which 39 films from 18 Asian countries and regions are screened over ten days. This year’s festival shines a spotlight on Taiwanese films, and includes 7 films about ukiyoe artists.

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Against 2014 – Fukuoka Extreme Film Festival

Explore the works of Kitakyushu-born film director, screen writer, theorist and actor, Adachi Masao. Screenings of “The Ugly One”, “It May Be That Beauty Has Strengthened Our Resolve”, “Serial Killer”, and Q&A sessions with Adachi himself. An unique opportunity to engage with an icon of Japanese radical cinema.

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2011/09/12 筥崎宮 放生会


This 1,000 year-old festival is one of the “big three” in Hakata and a great way to welcome Autumn. The 1km approach to Hakozaki Shrine is lined with around 500 busy stalls. Locals purchase fresh ginger and Hojoya hajiki a ceramic made by Hakata Doll artisans.

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Team Zero Fukuoka – 10,000 People in Ohori Park

Help raise awareness about drunk driving by joining a huge gathering today at 12:00 noon inside Ohori Park. Ohori Park’s walking path resembles a zero when viewed from above; mirroring Team Zero Fukuoka’s goal of zero tolerance towards drunk driving. The organizers hope 10,000 people will participate. If possible please wear blue colored clothes or a blue hat, or bring a blue towel. Cameras from many angles including from helicopters will shoot photos and videos, some of which will be used in an upcoming TV advertisement. The reception area is inside Nishi Hiroba (Maizuru Koen) – just behind the Starbucks Cafe.

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