Fukuoka Rainbow Festival

Following the recent success of Fukuoka’s first-ever Rainbow Parade in November last year, the Fukuoka Human Rights Promotion Center will host Fukuoka’s first ever Rainbow Festival. From a speech contest on LGBT issues, a band performance and an art exhibition with the theme ‘Rainbow Peace,’ the event hopes to raise awareness on LGBT issues and rights. Show your support by turning up, it’s going to be a cool, chilled out event!

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21st Gokoku Shrine Flea Market

Browse around 200 stalls selling everything from European antiques and furniture, to accessories and handmade sweets. Local cafes, bakeries and restaurants will also set up stalls to sell popular dishes over the two days. Don’t miss out on the ‘Kyushu Argentina’ fair, in which the works of artists and writers from all over Kyushu will be on display.

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Stand Up Comedy in Tenjin

Award-winning international stand-up Nick Milnes headlines Fukuoka’s first ever regular English-language open-mic stand up comedy evening. Host of the world-famous Oxford Revue’s regular stand up events, Ollie Capehorn will introduce six international open-mic performers, all of whom are taking to the stage for the very first time, to try out their material on Fukuoka’s finest.

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Winter Museum of Love

This collaborative event takes place in three different museums in the city, including The Fukuoka Art Museum, The Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, and the Fukuoka City Museum.
※Tickets: ¥200 for adults, ¥150 for High School and University Students, and free for children.

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Dondoyaki Fire Burning

With 2015 now underway, it’s time to bring down those Christmas and New Year’s decorations. But wait – don’t just chuck them in the trash, your neighbours might give you a disapproving look! Festive decorations should be burned at dondoyaki; a customary New Year’s event usually held in mid January. People bring together last year’s [...]

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Canal City Ikebana Fair

Celebrate the new year at a special ikebana (Japanese traditional flower arrangement) event at Canal City. Here’s a convenient chance to kick off the year by experiencing one of Japan’s most highly acclaimed arts.

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daimaru fair

Daimaru Kyoto Fair

Mochi, jellies, soba noodles, sushi and more delicious specialty food items from some of Kyoto’s best known shops will be available on the eighth floor of Daimaru from Jan. 6 (Tue.) ~ 12 (Mon.) 64 shops are participating in the Dai-Kyoto Fair, serving up and displaying not only specialty dishes but unique Kyoto-style crafts and items. On the 10th (Sat.) and 11th (Sun.) don’t miss Kyoto-style dance performances by two maiko (apprentice geisha). You might even be able to take a souvenir photo with them!

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Hokusai Art Exhibition

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum will exhibit art by the much celebrated Katsushika Hokusai between Jan. 2 ~ Feb. 15. Best known for his ukiyo-e painting series ‘Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji’, Hokusai’s portrayal of a bright red Mount Fuji and big blue tidal waves has become an iconic image of Japan and fixture on many postcards and prints.

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Fukuoka New Year’s Sales & Fukubukuro Guide 2015

Hatsu-uri, literally means first sale, and is one of many Japanese ‘first-of-the-year’ traditions. From hatsu-mode, the first shrine visit of the year, to hatsu-hinode, the first sunrise of the year, hatsu-uri is as eagerly anticipated – especially by many women! Like a less aggressive Black Friday, shops all around Japan put everything on sale and [...]

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Special New Year’s Public Transportation in Fukuoka

Spending the New Years’ holiday at home is fine, but why not go to a temple, a shrine, or to parties and events? Since special trains and buses are scheduled for New Year’s Day, you can go to a countdown event, or go see the first sunrise of New Year. Take a look at the [...]

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