Drum Tao Fukuoka 2015 – Hyakkaryoran Japan Drum Emaki

The Drum Tao ensemble have amazed Fukuoka’s audiences once again, on their return to Kyushu from yet another world-tour. Having first taken their act overseas to Hawaii in 2003, they have since performed in more than 400 cities in over 20 countries. On the 23rd of May, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity [...]

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Fukuoka City Bulletin June 2015

Selected news topics by Fukuoka Now from Fukuoka’s Shisei Dayori.

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Michele Tajiri

“I feel more Japanese than American now!” Michele laughs. Michele has lived in Japan nearly 20 years, and now runs Bliss Clinic with her husband and college sweetheart, Dr. Toyokazu Tajiri (a plastic surgeon with over 10 years of experience). Michele spent her teenage years on the US military base on Okinawa, and after a brief flirtation with college in the US, found she couldn’t stay away…

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Getting Ready for a New Waterfront

At the northern end of Fukuoka City lies Hakata Port, the city’s ocean gateway. Every year, two million visitors pass through the port, making it Japan’s busiest passenger port for 21 years in a row…

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Kabuki Canal Procession 2015

In this traditional event, kabuki actors board boats and give a short performance on the river to attract viewers to the theater, where they will come ashore. Sakata Tojuro and the other actors appearing in the June Hakata-za Kabuki will perform on several boats as they call out to the people on shore while sailing downstream, accompanied by bells, drums, and flutes. The procession starts from Seiryu Park after the opening ceremony at Hakata Canal City at 13:00, sails down along the Naka River, and ends at Hakata Riverain. Watch them make their grand entrance from an elaborate canal boat procession!

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toou animetion

The World of Eastern European Animation

This exhibition puts a spotlight on magnificent animations from three Eastern Europe countries: Czech, Croatia and Poland. Czech has a proud tradition in animation and has many fans in Japan. After the second World War, print cartoonists and artists began making animation in Croatia. Poland has won the Academy award for animation and there are remarkable amount of historic animation studios. The exhibition will fascinate you with screenings and many important original pictures. Having been through many historical events such as war, political revolutions, and globalization – their animations have a lot to tell us about various era. Animations from Fukuoka will also be shown during this event. Join this rare opportunity to see Eastern European animations.

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TEDxFukuoka Woman 2015 “Momentum”

TEDxFukuoka will host a public TEDxFukuokaWomen event entitled “Momentum” on Saturday, May 30th, 14:00-19:30, at Momochi Palace (Sawara-ku, Fukuoka). TEDxFukuokaWomen is one of the 2015 TEDxWomen events being held in Japan. The event will be complemented by 3 exceptional live speakers, including Reiko Nakamura, Managing Director of Schawk & Anthem Japan. The event will also include a streamed session of 6 talks from the main TEDWomen conference in Monterey, California, which is taking place on the same day. With this conference, we hope to explore the bold ideas that create momentum in how we think, live and work. With limited spaces left.

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Food Capital Fukuoka 2015

In March of last year a big event titled Shoku no Miyako Fukuoka (Food Capital Fukuoka) was held for the first time to promote Fukuoka Prefecture’s local foods. With the slogan “Rediscover Fukuoka’s food culture and convey its value to the locals”, the event was a huge success with over 50,000 visitors last year. This year, the event features 38 food booths offering everything from foods to drinks, kara-age (fried chicken) to sweets. Many booths have demonstrations and some have sampling too! There are also seminars by local food manufacturers, and cultural performances. For full details check the official website and consider reviewing our report from last year: http://fukuoka-now.com/2014/03/fukuoka-food-event-and-media-tour/

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June Grand Kabuki

This series begins with a celebration for Kanjyaku Nakamura who assumes the new name of Ganjiro Nakamura. The matinee includes a father and son performance of a Kabuki hair dance. The evening features a message from the new Ganjiro Nakamura and more…

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Spain Fiesta 2015 in Fukuoka

Celebrating the best of Spanish culture with over 50 types of wine, beer and Cava (sparkling wine) and food stands serving a wide range of Spanish dishes…

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