Kyushu Electric Has First Revenue Decline in Four Years

Kyushu Electric Power released its consolidated interim report for the current fiscal year, which shows that its revenue during the period fell 4.4% from the previous year to 726.4 billion yen. It was the utility’s first revenue decline in four years. The drop was attributed to a large slump in demand from industrial customers due [...]

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Taking the Taste of Fukuoka to New York

The Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry invited a New York chef to the city to meet with local food products companies and producers to exchange ideas for the use of local products in his American restaurant. ?Reflection Israel (SPELLING UNCONFIRMED), a chef at the popular BLT Fish restaurant, is interested in Japanese foods and [...]

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Nagasaki Governor Kaneko to Step Down

Nagasaki Prefecture Governor Genjiro Kaneko announced he would not seek a fourth term in the gubernatorial election to be held next February. Sources close to the governor said he thought politics in the prefecture would become more confrontational with the Democratic Party of Japan now in control of the national government. Gov. Kaneko has been [...]

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Kitakyushu to Join Nagasaki/Hiroshima Olympic Committee

Kitakyushu Mayor Kenji Kitahashi said he would accept the invitation to join the exploratory committee for examining a possible bid by Nagasaki City and Hiroshima City to host the 2020 Summer Olympics. He added, however, that it would be only to assist their efforts, and not for the purpose of holding any of the events [...]

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Korean Sea Travelers to Kyushu Region Down by Half

The Kyushu District Transport Bureau reports that the number of travelers between South Korea and the Kyushu region in the first half of the current fiscal year totaled about 48,000, down 35.9% from the year-before period. This is the largest percentage-point decline ever. Though the number of Japanese traveling to South Korea rose by 7.2% [...]

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IBM Japan Forgot to Change the Batteries for Fukuoka Bank

The cause of the total shutdown of Fukuoka Bank’s online banking system in September has been traced to the failure of IBM Japan, responsible for system maintenance, to replace the batteries in the backup system during a check last March, despite their report saying they had done so. Some of the system data was lost [...]

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Fukuoka Red Warblers Taking Year Off

The Fukuoka Red Warblers, one of six teams in the independent Shikoku-Kyushu Island League, will suspend play next season due to a lack of funds. Team officials said they would try to raise the cash to return to the league in 2011. Next season, only five teams will play, and only one, based in Nagasaki, [...]

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Starflyer Earns First Mid-Term Profit

Kitakyushu-based airline Starflyer earned 57 million yen in current profit and 47 million yen in net profit on revenue of 8.578 billion yen, according to its consolidated interim report for the current fiscal year. It is the first mid-term profit earned by the company in its existence, and came despite a 3.9% year-on-year decline in [...]

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Kyushu Mergers and Acquisitions Down 6.4%

Tokyo-based merger and acquisition consultant Recof released its statistics for those transactions in the seven Kyushu prefectures in the first half of the current fiscal year. The statistics show a total of 44 mergers and acquisitions, down 6.4% from the year-before period. These transactions have fallen for the past two years, and are down 41.3% [...]

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Oita Trinita Relegated to J2 Division

In a match held on the 24th, Oita Trinita played Kyoto Sanga FC to a 1-1 draw, which means they can finish no higher than 16th if they were to win their remaining four matches. As a result, they will be relegated from J1, the top J League division, to J2. The team lost a [...]

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