Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to Begin Lithium Ion Battery Production in Kyushu

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries announced they will establish Kyushu’s first plant to produce lithium ion batteries on the grounds of their Nagasaki shipyard. They plan to invest about 10 billion yen in capital and begin production in the fall of 2010. The company anticipates annual production at the plant to total 400,000 units.

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Companies Using Chikugo River Water Donate to Environmental Protection

The Fukuoka and Saga branches of Kirin Beer, and Bridgestone Tire sales subsidiary Bridgestone Tire Sales Nishinihon, will donate part of their September sales to groups working to protect the environment of the Chikugo River, on which their products depend. Some of the funds will be allocated to 26 municipal governments on the river. The [...]

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DPJ Now Strongest Party in Kyushu

The results of the landslide victory by the Democratic Party of Japan in the recent lower house elections means that the party has for the first time won the most number of seats in the 38 direct-election districts in Kyushu and Okinawa Prefecture. It won 20 of the 28 seats it directly contested with the [...]

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Nishitetsu Group Civil Engineering Companies to Merge

The Nishi-Nippon Railway Co. (Nishitetsu) revealed that three of its group companies involved with civil engineering work would merge as of October 1. One objective of the merger is to enhance their efforts in environmental protection, including forestation and water quality. They also expect the merger to result in increased revenue of 85 million yen [...]

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All Nishitetsu Buses Now Accept nimoca Cards

Fukuoka City-based Nishi-Nippon Railroad (Nishitetsu) announced that all of the route buses operated by the Nishitetsu Group now accept the contactless payment card nimoca. This is a total of roughly 2,400 buses on 210 routes. As of the end of August, about 370,000 nimoca cards have been issued.

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New Korean Airline to Offer Four Roundtrip Busan-Fukuoka Flights

Air Busan, a new airline based in that South Korean city, announced plans to offer round trip service between Busan and Fukuoka City as its first international flight. They hope to begin operating one round trip flight by next March, and plan to charge 20% for seats than their domestic competitors KAL and Asiana on [...]

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Toto Cutting Back on Oita Plant Operations

Kitakyushu-based Toto announced it will transfer some of the production lines making water faucets at its Oita plant to its plant in Kokura, Kitakyushu, by next March. The company wants to consolidate production now that its rate of operation is at roughly 80% due to the economic downturn. In conjunction with the move, the company [...]

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Kumamoto Dairy Cooperatives to Export Milk to Vietnam

The Kumamoto Prefecture Federation of Dairy Industry Cooperatives said they plan to export milk this year to meet the growing demand for the beverage in that country. The exports will be conducted in partnership with Vietnamese breweries. If the plans go through, it will be the first milk exports to that country from Japan.

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Nishi-Nippon City Bank to Establish Securities Subsidiary

The Nishi-Nippon City Bank announced it will create a securities subsidiary jointly with Tokai Tokyo Financial Holdings Inc. The bank’s objective is to expand its business by offering services to invest the assets of individuals and to act as a stock brokerage. The bank says it is the first regional bank in Kyushu to form [...]

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Hybrid Eco-Home Hits the Market in September

Kumamoto City-based Ecoworks, which is involved in the design and construction of environmentally friendly housing, plans to begin sales in September of a so-called “hybrid eco-house”. The home uses a combination of solar, thermal, and wind power as its power source. It also allows homeowners to sell to power companies the excess power they generate.

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