Fukuoka Stock Exchange to Start Listing Asian Stocks in January

The Fukuoka Stock Exchange revealed the outlines of a plan to list the stocks from other companies starting in January 2010. The Financial Services Agency has been deliberating the plan since April. It envisions listing the stocks of companies from countries with close ties to Kyushu, such as China and South Korea. Both the companies’ [...]

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Overseas Survey Conducted for Fukuoka City Name Recognition

The Fukuoka Asian Urban Research Center conducted a survey questionnaire in February and March of residents in the coastal areas of China and the major cities of South Korea to determine the city’s name recognition and its image in those areas. The survey found a name recognition of greater than 80% for sister city Busan, [...]

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Solicitation in Kurume Underway for Tree Planting in China

A group in Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture, is soliciting participants for its annual August trip to the Inner Mongolia region of China to plant trees in the Kubuchi Desert. The group has sent a total of 214 people have participated in 17 trips to plant trees there. One of the objectives for their project is to [...]

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Showa Bus to Accept nimoca Cards

Showa Bus Co., which operates route service primarily in the Karatsu area of Saga Prefecture and the western part of Fukuoka Prefecture, announced it will accept the Nishitetsu Group’s nimoca contactless payment cards for payment starting next March. About 300,000 of the prepaid cards have already been issued. They also can be used as e-money [...]

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West Japan Highway Corp. Profits Plunge

The company responsible for managing expressways in western Japan released its financial statements for the year ended March 2009, which showed declines in revenue, earnings, and traffic volume. Operating revenue was down 12.3% from the previous year to 806.7 billion yen, toll revenue fell 6.2% to 614.4 billion yen, and net profit dropped 24.2% to [...]

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Hakata-za to Post 574 Million Yen Loss

The Hakata-za theater in Fukuoka City is expected to report a net loss of 574 million yen for FY 2008, its highest loss ever. The economic downturn has been cited as the primary reason for the poor performance. This is the theater’s second consecutive net loss, and with internal reserves already expended, a net loss [...]

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Fukuoka Cooking School to Open Seoul Branch

The Fukuoka City-based Nakamura Culinary School, which trains chefs in the preparation of Japanese cuisine and Western-style confections, plans to open a branch school in Seoul, South Korea, in September. The objective is to train South Koreans as chefs in the school’s specialties. The school’s licensed inspectors will provide instruction with the assistance of an [...]

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Revenue Down for Fukuoka Broadcasters

The five Fukuoka City-based private sector television broadcasters released their financial results for FY 2008, which show that four suffered revenue declines. Four of the companies also recorded lower current profit totals. This was attributed to the expenditures related to terrestrial digital broadcasts and the loss of advertising revenue to the Internet.

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Sharp Rise in Violations by Parent Companies

The Kyushu office of the Fair Trade Commission reported there were 251 cases in the seven regional prefectures of parent companies violating the laws governing payments to subcontractors, such as intentionally making late payments. This is an 18.4% jump from the previous year’s total of 221 cases, and the highest number since records began being [...]

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Stretch Limos Available for Rent in Fukuoka Next Month

Fukuoka City-based Tisco Japan will begin operation of the first local business renting stretch limousines, measuring 8.6 meters in length, at the end of July. The limos can seat seven apart from the driver, and the rental fee will be from 30,000 to 40,000 yen per hour. The company is expected to target people looking [...]

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