Nagasaki Bank to Transfer Security Business to Nishinippon City Bank

Fukuoka City-based Nishinippon City Bank announced its consolidated subsidiary Nagasaki Bank would spin off its securities investment business and transfer it to the parent company. The Nagasaki Bank investment portfolio is worth about 49 billion yen. The objective is for the Nagasaki Bank to avoid the risk of investment losses in a volatile economic environment.

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Nissan to Build Large SUV Plant in Kyushu

Automaker Nissan said it would transfer the production of its upscale SUV Infinity from the U.S. to the new Nissan Shatai Kyushu plant in Fukuoka Prefecture. The move is part of the company’s effort to improve its profitability. The new plant will begin operations this December and start by turning out the Patrol four-wheel drive [...]

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Kyushu U. Team Strengthens Embryos for Artificially Fertilized Eggs

To deal with the low rate of successful artificial fertilization for Japanese-bred cows, a team of researchers at Kyushu University led by Prof. Masaaki Hattori has found that the use of a certain antibiotic will strengthen the embryos. They hope to commercialize the process to improve the fertilization rate. Joint experiments conducted with Fukuoka Prefecture [...]

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Development of Eco-Car for the Elderly Gets Underway

A group consisting of Fukuoka Prefecture, Fujitsu Kyushu Systems, Kyushu University, and other entities has begun work on development of equipment to be used in an inexpensive, energy-saving car that is easy for the elderly to drive. The car will analyze the driver’s tendencies and use graphs as well as written and audio messages to [...]

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Fukuoka-Busan Forum Held in Fukuoka City on 19th

The 4th Fukuoka-Busan Forum with business and political leaders from both cities attending was held in Fukuoka City on the 19th. This year’s theme was the creation of sustainable societies in the region. Subjects discussed included joint research into hydrogen energy and the joint use of a seabed optical cable for primary and secondary education. [...]

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Nishitetsu to Cut Back on Bus Service

The Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co. (Nishitetsu) revealed a new business rationalization plan that will involve eliminating up to 140 runs on 31 routes in the Fukuoka City metropolitan area. The impetus for their rationalization was the application of 1,000 yen tolls during the Golden Week holidays. Further cutbacks and elimination of unprofitable routes might occur if [...]

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Omuta Steps Up Gangbusting Efforts

To bolster their efforts to check criminal activity by yakuza groups headquartered in the city, Omuta has appointed Yasuo Inoue (SPELLING UNCONFIRMED) as the new chief of detectives in the municipal police force. Inoue held a similar position in the Chikugo district of the Kurume Police Department. A specialist in white collar financial crimes, he [...]

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Furuyu Japan-Korea Film Festival Held

The 26th Furuyu Japan-Korea Film Festival was held from the 19th to the 22nd in Fuji-cho, Saga City. This year’s theme was The Japan-Korea Strait Region, and eight local governments from both countries served as sponsors. A total of 13 Japanese and Korean films were shown. During the festival’s first day, Shakariki!, directed by Saga [...]

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Fukuoka University Students Subtitle Chinese and Korean Movies for Film Festival

Students of the Chinese and Korean languages at Fukuoka University subtitled several Chinese and Japanese films from the 1950s for a film festival held in Fukuoka City on the 22nd. About 110 people attended the screenings, which were part of the Fukuoka International Film Festival 2009. The event was also part of the university’s program [...]

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Saibu Gas Sales Show First Year-on-Year Rise in Seven Months

Fukuoka City-based Saibu Gas released the figures for the company’s gas sales in August, which showed a 0.2% rise from the year before to 64.7 million cubic meters. That’s the first year-on-year increase in their sales in seven months. The rising rates of auto plant operation in the region also contributed to the first increase [...]

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