Showa Shell Sekiyu to Build Solar Cell Plant in Miyazaki

Showa Shell Sekiyu said it had purchased property in Kunitomi-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture, to build one of the largest solar cell plants in Japan. They plan to invest about 100 billion yen and have the plant in operation by mid-2011. The plant will employ 800 people, and the company will hire at least 400 new people [...]

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Kagoshima Shochu Shipments Down Second Year Running

A federation of shochu distillers in Kagoshima Prefecture revealed that shipments of shochu from local companies in the business year from July 2008 to June 2009 fell 1.7% from the previous year to 149,500 kiloliters. It is the second consecutive annual decline after nine straight years of growth. The federation attributed the decline to price [...]

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New Weather Radar Stations for Northern Kyushu

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport will install four new, high-performance weather radar stations in northern Kyushu in FY 2010 to deal with the recent increase in more intense storms. Conventional stations can survey up to one kilometer in four directions every five minutes, but the new stations can survey at a distance of [...]

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August Has Fewest Regional Bankruptcies to Date

The Fukuoka branch of Tokyo Shokoh Research released their statistics for the number of bankruptcies with liabilities of at least 10 million yen in the Kyushu/Okinawa region for August. These statistics show that 74 firms closed their doors during the month, a 44.7% decline from the previous year. The aggregate amount of liabilities was 12.986 [...]

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Local Government Welfare Benefits for Students Hits Record High

The Nishinippon Shimbun conducted a survey of municipal government financial assistance to individual primary school and junior high school students in the Kyushu prefectural capitals and eight designated cities with enhanced authority as of May this year. The survey found that the financial assistance, which is to alleviate the burden of expenditures for such items [...]

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Number of People in Fisheries Industry at All-Time Low

Fukuoka Prefecture and the Japanese government conducted a joint census of people in the fisheries industry for 2008, which revealed a decline of 3.9% to 6,147 people engaged in that occupation from the previous survey in 2003. This is the lowest number of people working in the sector since surveys began in 1949. The surveys [...]

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Stamps Commemorating Friendship Year Unveiled

The Kyushu branch of Japan Post and the Busan post office in South Korea unveiled their respective versions of postage stamps to commemorate the Fukuoka-Busan Friendship Year. Both countries’ stamps feature scenes of tourist attractions and local festivals. Fukuoka will issue 15,000 sheets of 10 80-yen stamps in a commemorative frame to be sold for [...]

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Large Fukuoka Businesses Won’t Bail Out Huis ten Bosch

At a conference earlier this week between officials from large Fukuoka businesses, including JR Kyushu and Kyushu Electric Power, and the Huis ten Bosch resort in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, it was revealed that a decision about possible companies to financially rescue the ailing resort will be postponed until the end of September. If no new [...]

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Regional Construction Company Revenue Hits Rock Bottom

The Fukuoka branch of business analyst Tokyo Keizai released the results of its survey that ranked the revenue of the top 100 construction companies in Kyushu and Okinawa Prefecture. The aggregate revenue of these companies fell 2.4% from the year before to 823.2 billion yen, the second consecutive year-on-year decline. This is the lowest level [...]

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Kitakyushu and Busan Sign IT Agreement

Public sector organizations and IT corporate groups in Kitakyushu and Busan, South Korea, signed agreements to promote cooperation in the IT sector. The public sector agreement will promote information sharing and create a mechanism for information sharing, while the private sector agreement will publicize each other’s products and create new sales channels. The signatories said [...]

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