Ene-farm Energy System for Households Gaining Popularity

Ene-farm, a fuel cell cogeneration system for households that uses natural gas, is increasingly being used by the natural gas industry as a counter to electric power companies that promote the complete electrification of homes. Fukuoka City-based Saibu Gas, the largest natural gas company in the region, has been selling the Ene-farm system since June. [...]

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Kyushu Export Rate Suffers Sharpest Decline in History

Moji Customs announced trade statistics for the Kyushu region, which includes Yamaguchi and Okinawa prefectures, for the January-June 2009 period, showing that exports fell 39.9% from the previous year to 2.5164 trillion yen, the largest year-on-year rate of decline for any six-month period since 1980, when similar statistics began being kept. Imports fell during the [...]

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Seagaia Posts 500 Million Yen Loss

The Phoenix Seagaia resort in Miyazaki Prefecture revealed that it recorded an operating loss of 500 million yen on the non-consolidated account for the year ended March 2009. It is the business’s first loss in three years. The loss was attributed to the sharp rise of gasoline prices peaking during last summer vacation, and the [...]

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Kyushu Investment Fund to be Launched

Toyo Capital, a subsidiary of the Tokyo-based, mid-tier securities company Toyo Securities, plans to create an investment fund to provide the start-up capital to new Kyushu companies and new companies listed on the Fukuoka Stock Exchange’s Q Board. The fund, which will be called the Kyushu Capital Engine Fund, is expected to start operations this [...]

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Lower Won Halves Foreign Tourist Lodgings

The Kyushu District Transport Bureau reports the number of tourists lodging in Kyushu during the January-March 2009 quarter fell by 8.0% from the previous year to roughly 7.416 million people. This is a significantly higher total than the national decline of 5.6%. Focusing on the totals for foreign tourists alone shows the decline was 55.8% [...]

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Late-Night Bus Service to Miyazaki to End

The Nishi-Nippon Railway Co. (Nishitetsu) and Miyazaki Kotsu announced they will suspend their late night express bus service between Fukuoka City and Miyazaki City on September 1. The reason cited is a 20% drop in passenger totals since the introduction at the end of March of 1,000 yen tolls on expressways in conjunction with the [...]

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Two Fukuoka Municipalities to Recover Rare Metals from Garbage

The city of Chikugo and O’oki-machi in Fukuoka Prefecture have decided to establish a new category for small consumer electronics products when separating garbage for collection to promote the recovery of the rare metals used in digital equipment and automobile production. According to the Japanese government, these two municipalities are the first in the country [...]

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Huis ten Bosch Asks for Capital Injection

The Huis ten Bosch resort in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, asked its parent company, Nomura Principal Finance in Tokyo, to find another Japanese company and provide financial support to ameliorate the sharp deterioration of its bottom line due to plunging visitor totals. The two groups are already in discussions and a general plan should be formulated [...]

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Ten Kyushu Shinkin Banks Lose Money

The 29 shinkin banks in the seven Kyushu prefectures released their financial statements for the year ending March 2009, which showed that 10 lost money and 13 suffered profit declines. Taken together, all 29 of the banks recorded an aggregate of 9.7 billion yen in losses, 3.8 times higher than the year-before period. The poor [...]

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Personal Message Service Begun at Five JR Stations

The JR Hakata Station and four other JR stations in Kyushu have begun a service in which people can pay to use the station’s advertising boards with digitized displays for personal messages, such as wishing someone a happy birthday. The service is being provided by the Fukuoka City-based JR Kyushu Agency, the JR Kyushu group’s [...]

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