Nishitetsu Posts Huge First Quarter Loss

Fukuoka City-based Nishi-Nippon Railway (Nishitetsu) released figures showing they suffered a consolidated net loss in the first quarter of 149 billion yen. This is in contrast to the 72 million yen profit they posted during the year-before period. The company attributes this to the economic turndown, the discounted expressway tolls during the Golden Week holiday [...]

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Kyushu Electric Profits Climb on Reduced Fuel Expenditures

Kyushu Electric Power released figures for its financial performance during the first quarter of FY 2009 showing that current profit skyrocketed 15.6 times over the year-before period to 20.03 billion yen, and net profit climbed 3.5 times to 12.477 billion yen, on a 0.4% decline in revenue to 342.10 billion yen. The downturn in revenue [...]

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Shimabara Girls Win National High School Kendo Title

The girls’ kendo team from Shimabara High School in Nagasaki Prefecture took top honors in the national tournament in Fukuoka City. It was the first national championship for the girls’ team from that school.

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Job-Seeker to Job Opening Ratio at Rock Bottom

The Health, Labor, and Welfare Ministry released the seasonally-adjusted June figures for Kyushu’s job-seeker to job-opening ratio. The results showed there were 100 job seekers for every 39 job openings, lower than the 0.43 national ratio, which was a record low. The only Kyushu prefecture to perform better than the national average was Oita, with [...]

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Wild Boar Sausage Goes on Sale in Takeo

The city of Takeo in Saga Prefecture recently began a campaign to eliminate wild boar from the city as a harmful animal, setting up a municipal department for that purpose in April. Rather than dispose of the meat, however, they are trying to turn it into a special product. Merchants in the city have begun [...]

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Fukuoka Asia Collection to Open Sales Area on Rakuten Website

Fukuoka Asia Collection, a group organized to promote the region as an Asian fashion center that includes as its members the Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Fukuoka City and Prefecture, and area clothing merchants, will open a section for clothing sales on the Internet shopping site operated by Rakuten in September. The group attracted [...]

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Fukuoka Children’s Hospital Rethinking PFI Use

Plans are being reworked for the operation of the Fukuoka Children’s Hospital, which will be rebuilt and opened at a new location in March 2014. The hospital, which is expected to serve patients from throughout Kyushu, planned to use a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) for its operations, in which a local government procures a capital [...]

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Kokonoe-machi Night Hike Cancelled Due to Poor Participant Behavior

The night walking rally conducted for more than 20 years in Kokonoe-machi, Oita Prefecture, has been cancelled this year due to the poor behavior of the participants. The hike was held to enjoy mountain climbing in the Kuju range and the cool evening air. The participants were asked to walk along roads with heavy traffic [...]

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Ene-farm Energy System for Households Gaining Popularity

Ene-farm, a fuel cell cogeneration system for households that uses natural gas, is increasingly being used by the natural gas industry as a counter to electric power companies that promote the complete electrification of homes. Fukuoka City-based Saibu Gas, the largest natural gas company in the region, has been selling the Ene-farm system since June. [...]

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Kyushu Export Rate Suffers Sharpest Decline in History

Moji Customs announced trade statistics for the Kyushu region, which includes Yamaguchi and Okinawa prefectures, for the January-June 2009 period, showing that exports fell 39.9% from the previous year to 2.5164 trillion yen, the largest year-on-year rate of decline for any six-month period since 1980, when similar statistics began being kept. Imports fell during the [...]

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