nw120 telas & mico #148 003

(English) Telas & Mico

(English) This small, blue and cream-painted building along the Nakagawa River seats five at the counter downstairs and 11 at tables upstairs...

2-1-16 Haruyoshi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

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ab keurig neko cafe - 22

(English) Keurig Neko Cafe

(English) Kayuno Nomura, owner of Keurig, was always fond of cats and often fed strays near her home. One day she noticed five cats that she fed regularly had disappeared. She's ne...

1F Watt Bld., 1-10-15 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

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nw116 rean gan een #140 001

(English) Raan Gan Een

(English) Owner-chef Gan and his wife Yuka run this restaurant together with their 62-years-old veteran chef...

1F Daimyo Eight Bldg.Ⅱ, 1-10-21 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

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nw118 little korea apuro daimyo #140 001

(English) Little Korea Apuro Daimyo

(English) Following the success of their restaurants in Ohashi and Yakuin, Apuro opened in Daimyo in May 2010...

1F Daimyo Harmony Bldg, 1-9-23 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

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nw117 cafe restaurant sancho panza #140 001

(English) Café Restaurant Sancho Panza

(English) This café restaurant is run by the NPO Tiempo Iberoamericano, and relocated from Tenjin to Daimyo in June 2010...

5F Daimyo 11511 Bldg., 1-15-11 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

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Pub Morris

(English) Pub Morris takes its name from two British style icons (inescapable wallpaper designer William Morris, and wood-fixtured mini-van the Morris Mini Minor) and with these as...

7F Stage 1 Bldg., 2-1-4 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

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(English) One of the youngest bars on Oyafuki-dori, Cream opened in January 2009 to fill a niche in the party scene with an emphasis on carefully hand-mixed music and drinks, and a...

3F Beans Bldg., 1-8-40 Maizuru, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

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International Bar

(English) First opened in 1986, Fukuoka's longest-running International Bar is a comfortable, unpretentious place with the same aim as when it opened: to introduce Japanese and int...

4F Urashima Bldg., 3-1-13 Tenjin Chuo-ku Fukuoka 092-714-2179

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The Dark Room

(English) Always a little under the radar, The Dark Room is nonetheless deservedly a fixture on the Oyafuki-dori scene and offers a metropolitan pub feel with high-quality food and...

8F Bacchus-kan, 3-4-15 Tenjin, Chuo-ku

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Fire Ball Cafe

(English) Fire Ball combines the ambiance of an American sports bar with a truly international worship of sport - any sport. With seven TVs and a big screen often displaying two or...

B1 Commune Bldg., 2-6-28, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

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