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(English) Fukuoka’s First LGBT Rainbow Parade


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Hakata Eki 1

(English) Fukuoka Winter Illumination Guide 2014


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(English) Bakuon Movie Festival 2014 in Fukuoka

(English) The concept of this festival is simple: the films are played loud, and chosen because they sound good (“bakuon” means “explosive sound”). It began with one producer’s curiosity; what will happen if you watch a movie with a great soundtrack, very, very loud? Here’s your chance to find out! See popular movies chosen for their outstanding music and audio with the volume turned way up! This year 15 films, including Stop Making Sense, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Blue Velvet and The Shining are just a few. Not for the faint of heart!

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Daimyo Party

(English) Daimyo Winter Party 2014

(English) Ampoules is back with a pre-holiday bash in Daimyo, featuring DJ SamTroy on the second floor dance zone. Meanwhile on the first floor Heineken girls and Ampoules’s staff serve drinks, shots, and tasty kebabs. Eat, drink, chat and dance with old and new friends in Daimyo!

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Pouring wine 1

(English) Famous Label Wine Fair at Daimaru Hakata

(English) Head up to the 8th floor of Daimaru Hakata in Tenjin to the Wine Fair by Enoteca. 200 kinds, and more than 5,000 bottles of wine will be displayed. Taste wine Enoteca recommends for only ¥324/glass. The first 10 persons every day to mention Fukuoka Now get one free glass!

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Rainy Day Dream

(English) Rainy Day Dream / Photography and Video Exhibition

(English) One very rainy day last May, a group three professional photographers and one videographer (English, Japanese and Malay) went with the idol group Stilo Kramelo to the 100-plus year-old Takatori Estate House in Karatsu. The photographers and video cameraman spent the day shooting the models, who were professionally dressed in kimono and other costumes. Their work will be shown on the last Sunday of the November at Manu Coffee in Daimyo. Stilo Kramelo will be there too.

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(English) Christmas Market in Hikari no Machi Hakata

(English) For the second consecutive year a Christmas Market will be set up in front of near Hakata Station with European-style Christmas decorations, live musical performances, hot wine & festive foods! It’s a Christmas wonderland! The market will also be beautifully illuminated with 700 000 lightbulbs, and a 14m light tower. Check the website and facebook page for details.

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Kukai 1

(English) Kukai Gekijo

(English) “Kukai” means Sky and Sea, the universe and the earth that go on without boundaries. But it is also the name of a famous Buddhist image maker, whose tales have been passed on for more than 1,200 years. However, the objective of the Kukai Gekijo (theater) is not to pursue Kukai’s history, but to transmit the ideas of innovators, people who created new cultural values for the future without being restrained by the boundaries of the states, or time just like Kukai did in his day.

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sailer book 2014 003

(English) Austrian Baker Adolf Sailer New Book


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(English) Monkey Plot (Norway)

(English) Norwegian improv Jazz/Folk trio play Fukuoka for the first time with local veteran champions of dark jazz/folk love songs Jyurin. One special night of drunken celestial music for those who enjoy crying into a wine glass listening to Neil Young played on a scratchy record while a Sun Ra t-shirt is in the wash.

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