(English) Riverboat Restaurants

(English) Linked to this year’s Nakasu Matsuri, a visit to the Suijo Restaurant will get you in the mood for the main festival. Running from Sep. 30 until the final day of Nakasu Matsuri on 10/4, this temporary outdoor beer hall features live music stage with various acts each night.

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(English) 28th “Usagi-san” Rabbit Contest

(English) Is your bunny having a good “hare” day? Enter them in this unique rabbit event at Gannosu Recreation Center! Includes bite-bite race, name-call race, health check by a vet and more. Lapin Club membership is required for entry, but spectators are welcome to watch for free.

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(English) Autumn Meat Festival

(English) Popular restaurants sell tasty meat dishes and refreshments outside within the shrine’s grounds, while a brass band, unique performers, and some well-known artists perform onstage. Pudding made from Hakata honey on sale too – limit 100! Fun for all ages!

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5.Tomyo Watching

(English) Hakata Tomyo Watching 2014

(English) Each October, Hakata streets are illuminated with thousands of paper lanterns. Feel the cool autumn breeze and enjoy a memorable night spotting lanterns at shrines, temples, shopping areas and narrow side-streets in Hakata. Some food and drink stalls, free tour bus and maps too!

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(English) Oktoberfest Fukuoka 2014

(English) “Prost!” One of Hakata’s Autumn fixtures, this festival attracts droves of revellers. Enjoy 19 brands of German beer, sausages and other traditional foods and breads as a German folk band performs in a huge tent. There’s even an 1800s-style merry-go-round from Germany!

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3.Asia Pacific Festival Fukuoka 2014

(English) Asia Pacific Festival Fukuoka 2014

(English) Chefs from across Asia serve up local dishes at food stalls at this three-day outdoor festival. Nearby, souvenirs from participating regions are on sale. Don’t miss the traditional musical performances on stage including groups from Mongolia, Korea, Nepal, and China.

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(English) Nakasu Matsuri

(English) A famous float is carried through the Nakasu entertainment district by about 500 women wearing happi coats and headbands. Taiko drum and dance performances on stage, watertop restaurants, and a bar-hopping event on the 2nd – enjoy Nakasu bars on the cheap (Adv.:¥3,000 for 3 places).

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Flea Market

(English) 20th Gokoku Shrine Flea Market

(English) Browse around 200 stalls selling everything from European antiques and furniture to fashionable kids wear, accessories and handmade sweets. You can also find fresh vegetables and plants, sold directly from farmers, along with foods from popular local cafes and bakeries with stalls. Don’t miss the collaboration event (collaborated by “Hirata Nursery” & Town magazine “City Joho”) “Greenlife Fukuoka” and craft workshops held by “Mono-Koto-Magazine MADE IN”! Enjoy accoustic live performances as well as photo sessions with professional cameramen.

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(English) Chuo Police Offers Self-Defence Lessons For Women

(English) Women of all ages are welcome to join the 6th Chuo self-defence club seminar at the Chuo Police Station Dojo. Police officers will teach various techniques, such as how to escape if grabbed by the wrist, shoulder, neck, or from behind. Exercise clothes are required (a changing room is available), but since it is a dojo, you will be barefoot so you do not need sport shoes. Also, do not forget to bring your own water. Up to 30 women can join each session, and you must apply by either calling them or sending a mail by Sep. 25.

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(English) Mercadillo Fukuoka 2014

(English) Spain. It is a word that people living in Kyushu have come to hear more often in the past few years, since the Spanish restaurants and the Spain related businesses have increased in that area. Which is why, following the Kyushu Spain Fiesta 2013, a new event that connects Fukuoka to Spain will be held on Sep. 23. “Food” will be the theme of this Mercadillo (street market in Spanish) that will try to recreate the atmosphere of a real open-air market. You will find vegetables, fishes, as well as handmade bread among other delicacies. Amateurs of Spanish cuisine will also be thrilled to know that restaurants such as “TapaTapa” and “BAR PPO” participate in this event. A concert of Latin jazz and flamenco by musicians Adolfo Delgado and Carlos Orgaz will also take place at 17:00. Source: http://ameblo.jp/salvador-noli/

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