8.color me rad

(English) Color Me Rad

(English) Color Me Rad’s idea is simple: a 5km run, powdered paint, music and crowds of jubilant people. The result: a Jackson Pollock piece on steroids, a heaving mass of color and smiles. The Tokyo, Chiba and Osaka events saw over 40,000 people attending in total, and now Fukuoka joins the fun!

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fukukoi edit

(English) Fukukoi Asia Festival

(English) Since its inception in 2000 this dance festival has had only one aim: your happiness! The two day event features 100 teams of men and women of all ages and different nationalities expressing themselves through the medium of dance. Audience joins the “sou-odori” for finale!

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(English) Bookuoka 2014

(English) Launched in 2006 as a celebration of the written word, “Bookuoka” includes events such as talks with authors, award ceremonies, and a huge second-hand book fair (Nov. 2). Book themed events will occur across the city until Nov. 22, a list which can be found on the Bookuoka website.

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hearty care

(English) Tea Ceremony to Celebrate the New Tea

(English) ‘Robiraki’ is a traditional tea ceremony that takes places in November and celebrates the arrival of new tea leaves used for mattcha. This event is ideal for those new to tea ceremony, especially visitors to Japan. The ceremony is a relaxing and highly enjoyable experience. The owner of ‘Nihachaho’ tea shop will introduce you to the world of tea, and you will learn to identify many different leaves. In particular, you will learn the differences between mattcha and other varieties of green tea.

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(English) Simone White Live in Fukuoka

(English) Simone White is a solo singer with a voice known simplicity, and it has been used for for many high profile international television commercials. Hoping that many people will be touched by her voice, sound creative team “invisi dir.” (also known as Invisible Designs Labs.) has arranged for this special appearance in Fukuoka. Local singer / songwriter Pipin, as well as Kamra and Ken Inaoka from invisi dir. will join the event as well.

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(English) Amakusa Marugoto Umakamon & Tabi Fare

(English) The Amakusa island of Kumamoto is well known for its high quality seafood. At this event, a showcase of Amakusa’s gourmet will come to Fukuoka for two days, Oct. 29 and Oct. 30. Awabi (abalones), uni croquettes and many tasty local food for you to enjoy, as well as traditional dancing “Ushibuka Haiya-odori” and Kumamoto’s famous yurukyara Kumamon’s stage performances.

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(English) Gekkasai Matsuri

(English) The Gekkasai Festival, Tenjin’s autumn festival, will be held on Oct. 26. The festival was launched in 2012 to invigorate the Tenjin area, whose residential population is declining, and honors Kaguya-hime, the main character of the Heian Period fairy tale “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter”. About 400 local residents will dress in period costumes and march in a parade from Kego park at 10:00 to Kego Shrine, through Meiji-dori Ave. ~ Nishi-dori Ave. . A third-grade girl from Akasaka Elementary School will play the role of Kaguya-hime and will ride on a float. Start at 14:40, a portable Kaguya-hime shrine will be carried around 11 major shopping buildings in Tenjin and there will be a series of Kaguya-hime dances.

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(English) Sumo Kyushu Basho 2014

(English) Fans and insiders alike will be looking to the November Grand Sumo Tournament for a spectacular show as yokozuna Hakuho aims to break a 50 year record with another championship. Wrestlers from nations including Mongolia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Georgia and Japan will all be competing at this prestigious event.

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Loft 3

(English) Halloween Guide 2014


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Horror Island

(English) Horror Island On Nokonoshima

(English) Ocean’s Kitchen in Nokonoshima will be hosting a special Halloween event this year! The dress theme is “horror”, so put on your scariest costume for the occasion! The theme isn’t compulsory, however, and you can still join the event without a costume, but wouldn’t that be a shame? Afternoon activities include a Trick- or-Treat tour, face painting, a kids’ costume contest, and plenty of Halloween games! As it gets dark, DJs will take over, so expect dancing and costume contests into the night! There are only 200 tickets available so book now to avoid disappointment.

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