(English) Fukuoka City Wants To Regulate LED Billboards

(English) On June 26, City Hall reported its intention to regulate large light emitting diode (LED) billboards at a meeting of the standing committee of the Fukuoka City Assembly. The City claims that bright blinking billboards installed near intersections can cause drivers to lose sight of traffic signals. Some say that billboards that use colors similar to the red, yellow and green hues of traffic signals could confuse inexperienced drivers. However, regulating the signs could have an impact on business activities, and none of the committee members in attendance asked any questions about the City’s plans. Source: Nishinippon Shimbun 6/28

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(English) Fukuoka Now—Now In Chinese And Korean

(English) Fukuoka Now, a free magazine published in Japanese and English and targeting foreigners living in Fukuoka, has added Chinese and Korean content to respond to the the rapid increase in tourists from Asia. Every month, 15,000 copies of the magazine are distributed throughout Kyushu. Fukuoka Now also publishes a tourist map in Chinese and Korean twice a year, but the magazine’s publisher, Nick Szasz, decided to make the monthly magazine multilingual in step with Fukuoka City’s attempt to attract more foreign visitors for international conferences and other events.

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(English) Quantum Of The Seas Calls on Fukuoka

(English) The Quantum of the Seas is not, as it may sound, the layer of a Bond villian, but it certainly is tricked out like one.  This Royal Caribbean cruise ship is equipped with all the state of the art equipment needed for the boat ride of your life: a skydiving simulator, rock climbing walls, bumper cars,…

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(English) Kyushu Voluntary Car Insurance Rates Lower Than Average

(English) According to recent statistics, roughly one in 1utomobiles in Kyushu are not enrolled in voluntary insurance. Aside from Saga Prefecture, the other six prefectures in Kyushu have enrollment rates lower than the national average of 87.3%. At 80.2%, Kagoshima Prefecture ranked last in Japan. Under Japanese law, there are two types of car insurance, compulsory, which all vehicles must have, and voluntary, which encompasses bodily injury liability not covered by compulsory insurance

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(English) 80% Of Locals Think Fukuoka’s Cyclists Have Bad Manners

(English) The issue of cycling etiquette was raised during the general inquiry session of the Fukuoka City Assembly on June 24 in light of a cycling accident in May that resulted in an elementary school student requiring two stitches in his head. According to a survey by City Hall, more than 80% of residents think that Fukuokans are rude cyclists. There were 2,812 bicycle accidents reported last year, which accounts for 23.3% of all traffic accidents, and 70 of those involved cyclists colliding with…

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(English) Movie With Local Ties To Begin Airing Soon

(English) “Natsuyasumi no Kyosho” (English title: “Summer Breakers”), a film shot on Nokonoshima Island (Nishi Ward), will begin showing in theaters in Kitakyushu and Fukuoka on July 11. Written by Fukuoka-born scriptwriter Shingo Irie, who is known for his work on the detective drama “Aibo”, the film is the story of a boy named Jun who is trying to make a movie with a video camera his father gave him. In the process of looking for a…

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(English) Pietro To Expand Exports

(English) Fukuoka-based food maker Pietro announced it will begin exporting its salad dressings to Hong Kong and Australia before year’s end. With newly developed dressings that have longer expiration dates, the company aims to…

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(English) Sony To Open Its First Kyushu Store In April 2016

(English) The tech giant will be opening its first Kyushu store in April 2016. Not only can you grab the latest in digital cameras and musical equipment on the day of release, but special events and an ‘experience section’ are already in the pipeline. The shop will be housed in the Kokutai Doro, which will also play host to Green, a cafe-cum-English language school with branches in Tokyo and Osaka. Kokutai Doro will also become home to a new Jido Kaikan, a fully-equipped activity centre for children, which aims to make learning fun and sociable.The tech giant will be opening its first Kyushu store in April 2016. Not only can you grab the latest in digital cameras and musical equipment on the day of release, but special events and an ‘experience section’ are already in the pipeline.

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(English) World’s Oldest Red Panda in Kitakyushu

(English) Kusu, a red panda who lives inside Itozu no Mori in Kitakyushu turned 24 yesterday. According to a German zoo which is specialized in recording of animals in captivity Kusu is the oldest red panda in the world. The panda would be 108 years old in human years. Although Kusu is blind and spends two third of his days sleeping, he eats plenty and he enjoyed his birthday present – apple cake!

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(English) FX Counter For Foreign Tourists To Open In Heart Of Tenjin

(English) The Bank of Fukuoka has announced that it will open a foreign currency exchange counter in Tenjin for foreign visitors on July 1. Until now foreign currency exchange services focused primarily on Japanese heading overseas, but the bank aims to bolster its services for foreign tourists to Kyushu in light of the recent rapid increase in…

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