(English) 12,000 Join First Fukuoka Marathon

(English) On Nov. 9, approximately 12,000 people participated in the first Fukuoka Marathon, a joint effort by the cities of Fukuoka and Itoshima. Despite the on-again,-off-again rain on the day of the race, many residents lined the streets to cheer on the runners. The 42.195km course started in Tenjin and made its way westward out of the city along the coast before ending at the Itoshima City Shima Branch Office. It afforded runners views of popular spots such as Fukuoka Tower and the Meoto Rocks. According to the organizers, 97.3% of the runners completed the marathon.

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(English) Daisuke Matsuzaka To Pitch for Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks


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(English) Tenjin Retailers Rush To Renovate

(English) Department stores and commercial facilities in Tenjin are ramping up renovations. Ahead of the opening of its new building on Nov. 13, Parco has revamped in basement and lower floor store layouts. Meanwhile, Solaria Plaza is in the middle of a ¥6 billion renovation, the biggest since it opened in 1989. Last year, the parent company of Iwataya and Mitsukoshi spent ¥25 billion to renovate both of those stores last fall. With the scheduled arrival of Marui in a new building next to Hakata Station in 2016, retailers in Tenjin are rushing to get the upper hand.

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(English) Isa City Offering One Million Yen Scholarships

(English) In an effort to attract more students to Kagoshima Prefectural Okuchi High School, Isa City has announced that starting next spring, it will grant ¥1 million scholarships to students who gain acceptance to Japan’s most selective universities. There are 266 students currently enrolled at Okuchi High, which is the only upper secondary school in the city with an Ordinary (i.e., non-vocational, non-technical) Course.

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(English) LCCs Help Attract More Flyers To Kyushu

(English) Ridership on four Kyushu routes where low-cost carriers (LCCs) also operate has risen nearly 12% since 2011. This data comes from a survey conducted by the land ministry on four routes that have had LCC-operated flights for at least one year: Tokyo-Fukuoka (+9.9%), Kansai-Fukuoka (+67.2%), Kansai-Nagasaki (-9.1%), Kansai-Kagoshima (+8.6%).

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(English) Fukuoka Airport To Go Private In 2017

(English) On. Nov. 13, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism announced its intention to privatize the management of Fukuoka Airport as early as fiscal 2017. Governor Ogawa is now expected to express his support for the outsourcing initiative at a meeting of the Special Airport Review Committee on Nov. 20.

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(English) Soichiro Takashima Re-elected as Fukuoka City Mayor


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(English) Dangerous Redback Spiders Found inside Kyushu University

(English) On Nov.11, Fukuoka City and Kyushu University found 106 redback spiders and 197 eggs on the grounds of Ito Campus in Nishi-ku. They were promptly exterminated. According to Kyushu University, a female university employee found one near a parking lot on Nov.11 and contacted the Nishi Ward Office.

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(English) Nishitetsu Tenjin Bus Center Renewal

(English) Nishi-Nippon Railroad announced that the Tenjin Bus Center located on Solaria Terminal Building’s third floor will be renovated for the first time since it opened in 1997. Nishitetsu aims to make this facility more comfortable and appealing for commuters. Renovations began in April 2014, and a new arrival platform reopened on Oct. 1, along with a new information counter that provides information for express buses, city buses, taxis and other transportation facilities, as well as shopping, gourmet and tourist spots information in the Tenjin district.

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(English) Kirameki-Dori To Go Car-Free

(English) On Nov. 6 Fukuoka City announced it will turn Kirameki-dori Ave. into a pedestrian zone Nov. 22~24 for a National Strategic Zone kick-off event. The event, which will feature bands and street performers, is being organized by local community group We Love Tenjin. Cars will not be allowed to traverse the 107m road (which runs from Iwataya to Nishi-dori Ave.) between 15:00 and 21:00.

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