(English) Restaurant To Open In Seinanmori No Kohan Park

(English) This April, a restaurant called Green Gate will open in Seinanmori no Kohan Park in Nanakuma (Jonan Ward). This is the first time the City will allow a private business to operate within park premises. Collecting rent from restaurants can help the City pay for the upkeep of its 1,630 parks, many of which contain aging facilities. The City expects to earn ¥2.17 million in rent in fiscal 2015.

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(English) City Adds New Section To Prepare For 2016 Lions Club Convention

(English) In preparation for the 99th Lions Club International Convention that will be held in Fukuoka next year, City Hall will add a new section dedicated to the event. The convention is expected to attract 35,000 participants from around the globe, making it one of the largest in the group’s history. According to the City, the economic impact of the event will reach ¥11.2 billion in total, about half of which will directly benefit the city.

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(English) Most JR Kyushu Lines Are In The Red

(English) In an interview with Nishinippon Shimbun, JR Kyushu revealed that 19 of its 20 train lines are operating in the red, including the Kagoshima Line, the company’s biggest line in terms fare revenues. In fiscal 2013, JR Kyushu struggled with ¥15.6 billion in losses. This is the first time since JR Kyushu was privatized in 1987 that its profit…

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(English) Local NPO Releases Biz Manner App For Foreigners

(English) Fukuoka-based Asia Monozukuri Institute, a non-profit organization involved in personnel training and staffing, has developed a free smartphone app to teach business etiquette to foreigners. The aim is to support foreign exchange students who hope to find jobs in Japan upon graduation. The app, which was released in December, covers 100 topics, including Japan’s unique job-hunting schedule and job interview process. It also provides lessons in keigo, or honorific forms of speech. An official at the Institute remarked…

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(English) Kagoshima Prefecture To Resume Saturday Classes

(English) On Jan.19, the Kagoshima Prefectural Board of Education announced that it will reinstitute Saturday classes at all 743 public elementary and junior high schools in the Prefecture starting in fiscal 2015. Classes will be held once a month on the second Saturday in an effort boost students’ scholastic ability. According to the education ministry, Kagoshima will become the first,,,

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(English) City May Shutter Sunpalace

(English) Fukuoka City is considering closing Sunpalace to make way for a new convention center as part of its waterfront redevelopment plan. The 2,300-seat event space opened in 1981 and has hosted many a famous musician, running the gamut from Steely Dan, The Sex Pistols to AKB48. A City official said they are looking forward to receiving redevelopment proposals for the entire waterfront area and will begin…

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(English) Kirin To Make Kyushu Veggie Juice, Help Nagasaki’s Unesco Bid

(English) Kirin To Make Kyushu Veggie Juice, Help Nagasaki’s Unesco Bid ::: Kirin Beverage Kyushu has announced it will begin nationwide sales of a juice made solely from Kyushu and Okinawa fruits and vegetables sometime this July. The new product is expected to be 100% fruit and vegetable juice, based primarily on carrots. The company is also…

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(English) Kagoshima High Schooler Is World Champion Freestyle Dancer

(English) Yuki Kato, a 17-year old resident of Kagoshima City, took home top prize in the freestyle division of Snipes Funkin’ Style, a hip-hop dance competition held in Berlin last November. In the semi-final, she defeated the reigning champ, a German contestant, before advancing to a dance-off with a Russian finalist. Each performer danced three times, and a panel of six judges chose Kato unanimously. Af 17 years and two months, Kato became…

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(English) Fukuoka Zoo Penguins To Get New Home

(English) The Fukuoka City Zoo and Botanical Garden has begun planning a new enclosure for Humboldt penguins that will better mimic their natural environment along the rocky coasts of South America. The design will include fence-less pathways around the rocks and a tunnel under the tank to give visitors an up close and personal experience…

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(English) Kyushu Retailers Prepare For Lunar New Year Travellers

(English) Shopping centers and department stores throughout Kyushu have beefed up services targeting foreign visitors in preparation for Chinese and Korean tourists expected to spend their Lunar New Year holidays on the island. This year, Fukuoka-based Iwataya-Mitsukoshi’s pamphlet for its spring lineup of new cosmetics featured the “Tax Free” logo for the first time. Cosmetics were added to the list of approved duty free goods last October and have proven extremely popular…

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