(English) Local Kyushu Governments Crackdown On Drone Flying

(English) Municipalities around Japan, including local governments in Kyushu, are starting to enact restrictions on the small unmanned aircraft commonly referred to as drones. On a May 26 meeting of Kumamoto City Council, it was announced that a review committee would begin deliberating guidelines for the use of drones after a police officer stopped a foreign visitor from flying a drone earlier in the month. City officials are worried about potential damage to cultural assets. Meanwhile, Fukuoka Prefecture enacted a new set of…

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(English) Prefecture Announces Wooden Building Award Winners

(English) Fukuoka Prefecture announced the winners of its first-ever Wooden Building and Wood Design Awards. The winner of the Wooden Building Prize was the pagoda at Tōchō-ji Temple in Hakata Ward. The winner of the Wood Design Prize was the No. 2 Annex of the Kyushu Geibunkan in Chikugo City. A screening committee selected the winners from among 44 and 9 applications, respectively.

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(English) Fukuya To Expand Sales With New Brand, Wholesaling

(English) Fukuoka-based spicy mentaiko maker Fukuya has announced it will begin wholesaling to department stores and high-end supermarkets this June. This marks Fukuya’s first foray outside of direct and mail-order sales since its founding in 1948. The company aims to expand its sales channels as the market for luxury gift items continues to shrink. As part of this wholesaling venture,

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(English) Red Hat Opens Fukuoka Sales Office

(English) On May 19, the Japanese subsidiary of the American software development company Red Hat opened its Kyushu/Chugoku Regional Sales Office in Fukuoka. Red Hat, which is known for providing customers with open-source software, opened its Japanese subsidiary in 1999, and this regional sales office is the third in Japan after Tokyo and Osaka.

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(English) Local Company Uses App To Connect People To Their Hometowns

(English) Hope is a Fukuoka-based company that has created i-Kohoshi, a smartphone app that provides electronic versions of the city and town newsletters published by local municipalities. Launched in 2005, the company now provides access to the newsletter of 180 municipalities from around Japan and aims to have 300 cities, towns and village signed up by year’s end.

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(English) Hawks Pitcher, Edison Barrios, Tied For Record Holds

(English) Fukuoka Softbank Hawks pitcher, Edison Barrios took to the mound at Yahuoku! Dome in Fukuoka in the 8th inning in the game against the Orix Buffaloes on May 20th. He retired the batters to earn his 17th hold of the season and has tied a Japanese professional baseball record. Congratulations!

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(English) Ban On Taiji Dolphins May Lead To End Of Dolphin Shows In Kyushu

(English) To remain a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums (JAZA) announced that its members will stop buying live dolphins from Taiji, Wakayama, the town whose annual dolphin drive has been harshly criticized around the world. This move will have a significant impact on the major aquariums of in Kyushu

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(English) Local NPO Launches Crowdfunding Site To Solve Local Issues

(English) On May 11, Fukuoka-based non-profit organization AIP launched Localgood Fukuoka, a homepage where city residents can vote on anonymously posted problems within the city in hopes of finding solutions for them. Comments that receive numerous votes are shown on a map of the city, and the site also has a crowdfunding function that local citizens’ groups and NPOs can use to collect funds to solve the issues raised. The new site has already garnered comments about litter near Hakata Station and the difficulty of finding parking lots.

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(English) Governments And Groups Help Foreign DV Victims In Kyushu

(English) Efforts are underway in both the public and private sectors to provide multilingual support for victims of domestic violence. At the Asian Women’s Center, a Fukuoka-based civic organization, phone calls pour in from foreign women whose Japanese husbands tell them to leave their children in Japan and “go home”. The Center offers support in seven languages. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the number of calls received by 238 domestic violence hotlines throughout Japan from foreigners who do not speak “sufficient Japanese” reached 2,115 in…

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(English) Suspected Ebola Patient Hospitalized in Fukuoka after trip to Guinea

(English) According to Ministry of Health, a Japanese man from Fukuoka Prefecture complained of a high fever after returning from a trip to Guinea in Africa. He returned from Guinea on May 9th and reported his high fever in the night on 17th. He was taken to Fukuoka Higashi Medical Center, a medical institution for infectious disease

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