(English) Zepp Fukuoka To Close

(English) Zepp Fukuoka, the concert hall located inside Hawks Town mall, will close on May 8, 2016. According to Sony Music Entertainment, it will close due to a planned renewal of the mall. Zepp Fukuoka is the 4th Zepp facility in Japan and opened in 1999 as one of the anchor facilities of the mall. Many artists from around the world have performed at this venue. The owner of the mall, Mitsubishi Estate said operations of the mall will continue for the foreseeable future.

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(English) Canal City Sales Up Thanks To Uptick In Foreign Tourists

(English) Fukuoka Jisho, the operator of the Canal City Hakata shopping complex, announced that sales rose 7.7% year-on-year to ¥4.5 billion in fiscal 2014, marking four straight years of sales increases. With total visitor numbers up 4.8% to 15.3 million, the company sees an uptick in foreign tourists, who account for 5~10% of all sales, as a big reason for the increase. Meanwhile, Fukuoka Jisho’s other shopping centers, Riverwalk Kitakyushu and Konoha Mall (Nishi Ward), posted sales of ¥1.1 billion (-6.0%) and ¥1.42 billion (+2.9%), respectively. Source: Nishinippon Shimbun 4/15

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(English) Thai Drama Filmed in Kyushu

(English) “Kimono Hiden” (Original title “Kol Kimono”), a new Thai drama series, will air today, Apr. 16 in Thailand. The story is based on the Japanese folklore “Tsuru no Ongaeshi” and Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki and Kumamoto were used for location shooting. The series incurred the highest production cost ever in Thailand, including the casting of Thongchai McIntyre, considered to be Thailand’s no.1 superstar, as the leading part and other top stars for other important roles. “Japan is getting more and more popular in Thailand,” said the executive producer Arunosha. The exemption of visa for the Thai nationals since 2013 became a trigger of the boom. Last year, the number of visitors from Thailand reached about 660000, which is 45% of increase from the year before. For the filming, Saga Film Commission took the initiative to invite and promote Saga to film and TV productions in Thailand. An increase in the number of people from Thailand has already been noticed at locations used in the filming. To improve hospitality to foreign tourists, Saga tourist associations began a 24 hours call center service available in four languages including Thai.

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(English) Fukuoka Marathon to Highlight Runner’s Names

(English) The executive committee of Fukuoka Marathon 2015 announced runners will wear new number tags with their names in very large typeface. The purpose of this change is to make it easy for the crowd to recognize and call out runner’s names. Last year, the participants’ registration numbers were large but their names were too small to read. The Fukuoka Marathon executive committee will recruit 3,200 volunteers

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(English) Toyota’s Promotional Video Filmed in Kitakyushu

(English) Toyota’s promotional video “G’s Baseball Party” is getting attention both within and outside of Japan. The video was filmed in downtown in Kitakyushu City. It has already been watched more than 4 million times, and featured on the MLB website. As “G’s button” emerges, the town changes into a huge baseball field and people start playing a super exciting game of street baseball. The commercial was shot between the end of February to the beginning of March with a support of the city. Kan Eguchi, an artist based in Fukuoka City, who created a promotional video for 2020 Tokyo Olympic, directed this unique and spectacular video. Together with 100 of local extras, Warren Cromartie, a retired American baseball player known for his career with Yomiuri Giants, can also be seen in the video.

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(English) 400 Cruise Ship Passengers Protest

(English) On April 6 approximately 400 Chinese passengers refused to disembark from a cruise ship in Shanghai. The ship with 650 guest rooms was to dock in Fukuoka and Nagasaki during a 6 day voyage. Some 1,800 passengers were expecting to enjoy shopping and cherry blossoms. However due to bad weather the ship did not dock in Fukuoka and passengers could only enjoy four hours in Nagasaki. When the ship returned to Shanghai about 400 passengers refuse

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(English) Fukuoka Startup Cafe Celebrates Six Months Of Success

(English) Apr. 11 will mark six months since the opening of Fukuoka’s Startup Cafe as part of the Strategic Special Zone for Startups and Job Creation. In that time the Cafe has handled 533 consultation requests, or 3.5 times more than the City’s existing consultation facility, and more than 10 new companies have been established. The Cafe has also hosted a 233 Startup Seminars, which include lectures by lawyers and administrative scriveners as well as meet-and-greet for entrepreneurs. Attending a commemorative event…

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(English) Hiroshi Ogawa reelected as Governor of Fukuoka

(English) On April, 12 Fukuoka Prefecture Hiroshi Ogawa (age 65) was reelected as Governor of Fukuoka for a second term. His sole opponent was Tomikazu Goto (age 45) who only managed to garner 284,692 votes compared to 1,260,405 for Ogawa. Only 38.85% of the eligible voters turned out for the election, the worst turnout ever recorded.

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(English) Fukuoka Airport Breaks Passenger Number Record

(English) The number of passengers using Fukuoka Airport in fiscal 2014 broke the previous year’s record and topped 20 million for the first time ever. According to Fukuoka Airport Building Co., the total number of passengers for FY2014 increased for the third year in a row and recorded a 3% uptick year-on-year. While the number of domestic route passengers rose marginally, the number of international route passengers jumped more than 10%. The company credits the increase to a rise in foreign tourist numbers stemming from the weak yen

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(English) Taiwanese Automaker To Bring Aston Martin To Fukuoka

(English) Taipei, Taiwan-based Yun San Motors has announced that it will open an Aston Martin dealership in Fukuoka—a move that will mark Yun San’s first foray outside of Taiwan. As an official distributorship, Yun San will handle the sales of luxury vehicles manufactured by two British automakers, Aston Martin and McLaren. The dealership will…

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