(English) Lunar Eclipse To Coincide With Sakura Viewing Next Week

(English) A total lunar eclipse has been forecast for Apr. 4, which means Kyushu residents may get the unusual treat of a lunar eclipse during flower viewing season. Lunar eclipses occur only when the Earth, the sun and the moon are in exact alignment on the night of a full moon. (The moon passes into the Earth’s shadow and blocks the sun’s rays.) According to the National Astronomical Observatory,

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(English) Nishitetsu To Jointly Develop Condo In Vietnam

(English) NISHITETSU TO JOINTLY DEVELOP CONDO IN VIETNAM ::: Nishinippon Railroad Company (Nishitetsu) announced it will begin a joint condo development project in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with Osaka-based Hankyu-Hanshin Holdings and a major Vietnamese property developer. The three companies will invest ¥2.8 billion to build a 15-story, 500-unit condo about 10 km outside of downtown Ho Chi Minh City. The average floor area of each unit will be 57 m2 and the target market is upper-middle class families whose heads of household are in their thirties and forties. The units will cost ¥5~8 million and the building is slated for completion in July 2016. An official from Nishitetsu said the company plans to accumulate condo development…

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(English) Fukuoka City Presses Government To Allow Foreign MDs To Run Clinical Trials

(English) In a press conference on Mar. 24, Fukuoka mayor Soichiro Takashima revealed plans to ask the national government to relax restrictions on clinical testing by foreign doctors who do not hold Japanese medical licenses. Foreign medical doctors are allowed to conduct clinical research at three facilities in the city, including Kyushu University Medical Hospital, but the City wants to enable foreign doctors to conduct clinical…

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(English) Fukuoka Wants To Turn Bridge Into Public Space

(English) Fukuoka City is looking to create a new public space on a temporary bridge. The bridge will be built by the national government when it begins construction next fiscal year to replace the 40-plus-year-old Haruyoshi Bridge that spans the Nakagawa River on Route 202. The temporary bridge will be used for detours while the new bridge is being built, and the City aims to take over the bridge once construction is complete…

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(English) Fukuoka City Seeks Legal Tweak To Improve JHS English Classes

(English) Fukuoka City, which has been designated a special strategic zone, has asked the national government relax certain stipulations in the Worker Dispatch Act that essentially prevent Japanese teachers of English from “freely conversing” with foreign teaching assistants in junior high school English classes. According to the Fukuoka City Board of Education, native English-speaking instructors contracted through private companies are sent to the City’s 69 junior high schools once a week to team-teach with Japanese teachers of English; however, the Worker Dispatch Act prevents the party ordering the work from issuing direct orders to subcontractors. According to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, if a Japanese teacher in the classroom were to give “advice or engage in a dialogue” with a subcontracted teaching assistant, there is a possibility the teacher could be accused of subcontracting contract fraud. In 2013, the education ministry conducted a survey and found that more than 20% of the 6,500 foreign teaching assistants working in public junior….

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(English) Ferris Wheel in Uminonakamichi to Cease Operation

(English) On March 25 authorities announced that the Ferris Wheel located inside Uminonakmichi Seaside Park will be closed and taken down. Operations will continue until the end of August. The wheel had been in operation since 1984. At its peak of popularity on 1988, 250,000 persons rode on it annually. However in the last ten years the number has dropped to between 30,000…

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(English) Land Ministry Releases Fukuoka Land Prices

(English) According to the land prices released by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism on Mar. 18, commercial land prices remained the same or fell throughout the national. In Kyushu as well, average commercial land prices remained unchanged, marking the first time they have not fallen in seven years. Meanwhile average residential land prices…

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(English) Impact Of Rugby World Cup Predicted To Be ¥35 Billion

(English) The Kyushu Branch of the Development Bank of Japan estimates that World Rugby Cup 2019, a portion of whose games will be hosted in the cities of Fukuoka, Oita and Kumamoto, will have an economic impact of ¥35 billion on Kyushu. The figure is based on an estimated 270,000 visitors coming to Kyushu for the games and is composed mostly of tourism-related consumption, including spending on lodging and eating out. Twenty teams are scheduled to compete in…

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(English) New Extension Makes Parco Biggest Dept. Store In Tenjin

(English) On Mar 19, Fukuoka Parco opened a new 27-shop extension on the 5th floor of Solaria Stage. People lined before the building opened up to get into the new addition, and the manga corner was flooded with people. The extension, whose opening coincided with Parco’s fifth anniversary, brought Parco’s overall floor space to 42,000 m2, making it the largest shopping center in Tenjin. The extension also improves access from Nishitetsu Tenjin Station. The new and improved Parco complex now aims to attract 23 million visitors and register ¥23 billion in sales annually. Source: Nishinippon Shimbun 3/20

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(English) City To Extend Urban Expressway To The Airport

(English) On Mar. 17 Fukuoka City announced plans to extend the Route 3 Airport Line of the Urban Expressway all the way to the airport. The extension, a mere 630m, will connect the airport to the expressway from the Yutaka Junction, thereby alleviating some of the congestion on the regular roads below. The extension is a direct response to the recent announcement by the national government that it will spend the next 10 years building a second runway at Fukuoka Airport. The City also announced an extension of the Route 1 Kashii Line connecting the Kashiihama Ramp to Island City. Source: Nikkei Shimbun 3/20

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