(English) Kyushu & Okinawa Have Higher Rate of Female-Run Businesses

(English) According to a survey recently released by the Fukuoka Branch of Teikoku Databank, the percentage of companies in Kyushu and Okinawa with female CEOs is 8.5%, or 1.1 points higher than the national average. Five of the prefectures in the region rank in the top 10 nationwide: Okinawa (9.76%, 2nd place), Saga (9.57%, 3rd place), Oita (9.34%, 6th place), Fukuoka (8.67%, 8th place) and Kumamoto (8.41%, 10th place). Teikoku Databank attributes the trend to “a larger number of female CEOs taking over the helm of companies established by their fathers or husbands.” Source: Nishinippon Shimbun 8/25

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(English) Fukuoka Airport Will be Busier Than Expected

(English) The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure Transport and Tourism, which is currently conducting an environmental impact assessment ahead of construction on a new runway at Fukuoka Airport, has revised its estimate of annual take-offs and landings for FY2030 upward from 168,000 to 176,000. The ministry, which had previously upped its estimate based on the shrinking size of aircraft, boosted it again in light of the fact that anticipated demand is now significantly higher than the airport’s processing capacity. The demand figures were revised in light of several factors, including the increased number of low-cost carriers operating at the airport, changes in the number of flights from Asia based on economic growth there and GDP predictions. The new estimates will be incorporated into the impact assessment, a move that is thought to indicate the ministry’s intention to move ahead with the expansion. Once the assessment is completed sometime next year, the new runway is expected to take seven years to build once land is acquired and a cultural property survey is conducted. Source: Nishinippon Shimbun 8/23

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(English) Fukuoka’s Soccer Team Avispa Receives Critical Funding

(English) Sources have revealed that Tokyo-based systems developer SystemSoft has agreed to give ¥100 million in funding to the struggling J2 soccer club Avispa Fukuoka. The cash infusion is expected to be approved at Avispa’s board meeting before being finalized at the September shareholders meeting, thus making SystemSoft the team’s biggest shareholder. SystemSoft, which was founded in Fukuoka in 1979 and maintains an office here, made the offer in response to the team’s request for funding, and joins 87 other sponsors including Fukuoka City and the current top shareholder, Coca Cola West. The new funds will save the team from losing its license. League rules stipulate that J1 and J2 teams lose their licenses if their net worth remains negative for three consecutive fiscal years.Source: Nishinippon Shimbun 8/23

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(English) Space World Extra One day Free Pass

(English) Space World in Kitakyushu is selling a new discounted ticket “Summer Plus 1 Free Pass” – you can visit twice and save! On sale from Aug. 20~31, the pass costs ¥6,000 for adults and can be used on any two days before Sep. 12. A regular one-day pass in summer costs ¥4,630 – so in total the “Summer Plus 1 Free Pass” saves you around 35%! “Summer Plus 1 Free Pass” Adult ¥6,000, ES ¥4,500, Kids (under 4) ¥1,500, Senior (over 60) ¥3,000 Source: Nishinippon Shimbun Aug. 21

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(English) Jetstar to Offer Three New Routes To/From Kumamoto

(English) Low-cost carrier Jetstar Japan announced it will begin offering regular flights between Kumamoto Airport and the three major international airports of Narita, Kansai and Chubu on Oct. 26. It will offer two daily flights on each route, with fares ranges of ¥6,990~¥31,790 for Narita, ¥5,290~¥26,990 for Kansai and ¥6,290~¥26,290 for Chubu. To commemorate the new routes, Jetstar Japan will sell 99 one-way seats on the three routes for ¥99 each, starting at 16:30 on Aug. 21. The special sale-price seats will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis on the company’s website and are limited to flights between Oct. 26 and Dec. 4. “Kumamoto is one of Kyushu’s major cities, so we anticipate ample demand,“ said Jetstar president Miyuki Suzuki at a press conference held at Kumamoto Prefectural Office. Source: Nishinippon Shimbun 8/21

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(English) Two Frankie Chan Sequels to be Set in Fukuoka

(English) Fukuoka has been selected as the location for the next two sequels of the Jackie Chan-produced action movie, “Impetuous Love in Action”, which hits Chinese theaters this September. Hong Kong-based director Frankie Chan and actress Jade Lin visited Governor Ogawa on Aug. 12 to report that the next two films would be set in Fukuoka. Mr. Chan said he wanted to showcase Fukuoka’s sights in his next two movies. The second film will feature local idol group LinQ, and the third film will feature the Hakata Gion Yamakasa and Hakozaki Shrine Tamaseseri festivals. The films will be shot in Fukuoka next year. Source: Nishinippon Shimbun 8/17

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(English) New Iizuka Soccer School will Employ Former Barcelona Coaches

(English) A new soccer school to open in Iizuka this fall will employ two coaches formerly affiliated with FC Barcelona, one of Spain’s most famous soccer clubs. Carlos Rexach, the former manager of Barcelona who discovered Lionel Messi, will visit several times a year to advise the school on coaching methods, and former player development coach Antonio de la Cruz, will work there full-time. The school, which will be opened by Fukuoka-based job placement agency Guardianship Co., Ltd., will offer training for young soccer players aged 16~23. It will start by recruiting about 40 boys and young men in September and aims to expand to as many as 300 students in the future. It is also considering adding a young women’s course later. Fees will start at ¥50,000/month and the school will have a dormitory and meal plans. The school will also offer correspondence courses in cooperation with Kamimura Gakuen so that students who have not graduated high school yet can obtain diplomas while they train. Source: Nishinippon Shimbun 8/17

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(English) New Kyudai Medical Museum To Break Taboo, Discuss Wartime Vivisections

(English) The Kyushu University School of Medicine has decided to exhibit documents at its Museum of Medical History, which is slated to open next April, from the vivisection experiments conducted on American prisoners of war at its predecessor, Kyushu Imperial University, toward the end of World War II. For years, discussing the incident was considered taboo, but with the 70th anniversary of the war approaching, the number of people with direct knowledge of the incident is dwindling. For this reason, medical school officials decided the museum’s opening was “the last chance to pass on a lesson from history”. The new museum will be built next to the main gate on the Hakozaki Campus in Higashi Ward in the style of the Old Anatomy Lab, which used to be the medical school’s symbol. It will exhibit old charts, specimens and other documents and artifacts tracing the medical school’s history back to its founding as Kyoto Imperial University’s Fukuoka College of Medicine in 1903. The display on the vivisection incident will include a description thereof and a list of victims; School officials are also considering using a computer to allow viewing of digitized resources. Some members of the alumni association, which is financing the museum’s construction, did not think the darker side of the school’s history needed to be exhibited, but in the end, School officials decided it could not be ignored from a historical standpoint. In May and June 1945, eight U.S. airmen captured from a downed B29 bomber underwent experimental operations performed by School of Medicine faculty under the supervision of the Western District Army. Two men had lungs removed to see if they could survive with one lung, while another had his blood replaced with seawater; none of the men survived. At the Yokohama Tribunal In 1948, nine army officers and 14 university faculty were sentenced to death, life in prison or hard labor for their crimes but later had their sentences commuted upon the outbreak of the Korean War. While some of the perpetrators served limited jail time, none were ever sent to Death Row. Source: Nishinippon Shimbun 8/17

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(English) Local Company to Train Workers for Japanese Companies in Asia

(English) Miyawaka-based staffing company Technosmile will begin training and referring foreign workers to Japanese manufacturing companies entering China and ASEAN countries. The company aims to assist small and medium-sized enterprises, primarily in the automobile sector, that are having trouble securing human resources in-country. Last May, Technosmile established a joint venture called the Asia Monozukuri Institute with Tokyo-based staffing company Outsourcing Inc. The new company will recruit exchange students from countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar and train them for three years at its partner school, Fukuoka-based Aso College of Automotive Engineering and Technology, before referring them to Japanese companies. It also plans to release a business Japanese app for exchange students from China and ASEAN this fall. Source: Nishinippon Shimbun 8/14

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(English) JR Offers Travel-with-Grandparents Tickets to Kids

(English) JR Kyushu has started selling a new all-you-can-ride ticket for elementary school kids traveling with their grandparents. Good for weekends and holidays in September and October, the ticket costs ¥2,000 and can be purchased as long as the accompanying grandparent buys an “Active 65” all-you-can-ride pass for seniors aged 65 and over. With about 50,000 sold in fiscal 2013 alone, Active 65 passes have proven very popular. JR Kyushu hopes to create more railroad fans by offering the new travel-with-grandparents ticket for elementary school-aged children. Source: Nishinippon Shimbun 8/14

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