(English) New HTB Hotel Will Use Robots, Room Auctions

(English) Sasebo (Nagasaki) theme park Huis Ten Bosch announced it will open a new low-cost, energy-saving “smart hotel” in July. This hotel, however, is a little bit strange. The hotel front desk will be ‘manned’ by humanoid robots, and room prices will be determined by online auction. “We hope to become the most efficient hotel in the world,” said HTB preside

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(English) Seven Bank Opens Manned Branch In Hakata

(English) Tokyo-based Seven Bank has announced it will open its first manned branch in Kyushu. The bank counter will be installed inside the Hakata Ekimae Asahi Building 7-11 convenience store and will be staffed with contract employees who can speak foreign languages as part of an effort to expand its foreign remittance business. Since 2011,

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(English) Setsubun No Hi & Eho Maki

(English) Feb. 3, Setsubun no Hi, marks the beginning of spring in the Japanese lunar calendar. On this day, it’s custom to throw beans around the house to drive away evil spirits, yelling “oniwasoto, fukuwauchi,” meaning “evil out, happiness in!” In recent years, it’s become increasingly popular to eat eho maki – fortune sushi rolls that are eaten without cutting it into pieces. Cutting them is believed to cut off your luck!

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(English) Roadside Tenjin Toilet To Be Closed

(English) After 40 years in service, the public toilet on Kokutai Rd. near Kego Shrine is likely to close. The toilet was opened by the City in December 1974 to accommodate the patrons of yatai food stalls, which were in their heyday. However, the remaining yatai on Kokutai Rd. were relocated elsewhere in 2007 and the City finished its Kego Park renovations,

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(English) Munakata Serves Wild Boar Curry For School Lunch

(English) For the first time ever, Munakata City used wild game in school lunches for its seven middle schools and two elementary schools in an effort to raise awareness of locally harvested wild boar. Munakata has been struggling with wild boar damaging crops. Between 2012 and 2013, the area of rice crops damaged jumped from .565 to .799 hectares.

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(English) Fukuokans Love Fukuoka!

(English) According to the results of City Hall’s FY2014 Fukuoka City Opinion Survey on City Government, 96.7% of the 2,500 respondents said they liked Fukuoka and 95.3% said it was a livable city. The survey, which was conducted last May and June, queried local residents on…

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(English) Bank Of Japan To Rebuild Fukuoka Branch

(English) The Bank of Japan (BOJ) announced it will rebuild its aging Fukuoka branch. Construction will begin in fiscal 2017 with completion scheduled for sometime in fiscal 2020. The existing Fukuoka branch building, located in Tenjin, was built in 1951, making it the first ferroconcrete BOJ branch in postwar Japan.

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(English) Freestyle Basketball Champions From Fukuoka

(English) Congratulations to Takashi Inoue and Takumi Maekawa of the Samurai Ballers who performed at Fukuoka Now’s Creative Community 2014 event last November, for winning first and second place in the Freestyle Basketball Battle 2014 Japan Finals. Their performance will be broadcasted around the world to 140 countries in English in a 30 minute NHK-TV program.

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(English) Genkai Drill Raises Concerns About Preparedness

(English) On Jan. 24 a tri-prefecture disaster prevention drill held at the Genkai Nuclear Power Plant in Genkai Town, Saga Prefecture went off without a hitch, but some local residents feel the prefectures’ plans in the event of an actual disaster are not thorough enough. The number of participants in the drill was only a fraction of the approximately 270,000 residents of Saga, Fukuoka and Nagasaki prefectures who live within the 30km radius of the plant, so many feel an

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(English) Kitakyushu Mayor Wins Third Term

(English) Kenji Kitahashi, the incumbent mayor of Kitakyushu City, soundly defeated two other independent candidates in the Jan. 25 Kitakyushu mayoral election and clinched a third term. The race focused on issues such as depopulation, aging (Kitakyushu is the fastest aging designated city in Japan) and jobs, and Kitahashi’s message of “working with the Abe administration to bring the effects of Abenomics to the region” garnered broad support. Although Kitahashi is a former Democratic Party member of the lower house, he ended up winning endorsements from the LDP, which gave up on putting its own candidate in the race, as well as city council members affiliates with the Komei Party and the DPJ. The race was essentially viewed as a vote of confidence for Kitahashi and voter turnout, at 35.88%, was the lowest on record for the city. The 201,931 votes he won was also the lowest total in his three elections. Nishinippon Shimbun 1/24

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